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Top-Secret-UFO-Government-DisclosureQ:  Are you disappointed and disgusted by the failure of governments and other institutions to fully disclose the UFO/ET presence?
A:  If yes then BECOME YOUR OWN AUTHORITY by joining The People’s Disclosure Movement to learn how to easily and safely make ET Contact.

Q:  Do you passively wait for governments to offer and shape all of your facts about the UFO/ET presence?
A:  If yes then get active to TAKE BACK YOUR POWER!  Join The People’s Disclosure Movement to discover the facts yourself by making ET Contact.  We’ll teach you how!

Q:  Are you a believer in the UFO/ET presence on/near Earth?
A:  If yes become a KNOWER instead of a believer as you make your own ET Contact at The People’s Disclosure Movement .

Q:  Do you believe that incredible medical, energy, social, scientific, spiritual, etc. technologies from ET will help us create a Golden Age on Earth as we work with these advanced star civilizations?
A:  If yes then offer your cooperation to them by joining our regular ET Contact events at The People’s Disclosure Movement.

Q:  Do you believe you are alone in your efforts to disclose the UFO/ET truth and/or want to find allies and friends who also wish to disclose this truth?
AALIEN ENCOUNTERS, UFO AND ET GROUPS, CE-5, ET LETS TALK  If yes join our 11,000 members in 100+ countries for great camaraderie as our group mission grows and spreads at The People’s Disclosure Movement.

Q:   Do you want to help grow this greatest global mass movement of all time as we disclose together?
A:   If yes please do the following:

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2.  On our web site learn how to make your own ET Contact wherever and whenever you wish
3.  Inform and Teach someone special in your life how to contact ET
4.  Ask that special person to perform steps 1. to 4.


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My friends in the ETLetsTalk Community, I welcome you on this incredible journey of The People’s Disclosure Movement.

Let’s assert our sovereign power to create the future of Disclosure we want to see!
The best way to predict the future is to create it.

The Birth Of The People’s Disclosure Movement

In 2010, ET intelligence asked me to help facilitate the creation of as many ET Contact teams as possible in as many places as possible as quickly as possible. It was clear to me this was a feat I could not do alone.

Why ask the seemingly impossible?

ET Intelligence stated that our willingness to make our own contact with them would give them permission to appear in many more places.  As we demonstrated our willingness to reach out, then more humans like us would discover their presence and be able to connect with them in even more places.  As a result greater numbers of humans would then be able to interact with them.  This would further give permission to ET to appear even more widely where even more humans would see them and want to interact with them and so on …

Our ET Friends called this effort “a virtuous circle”.  They asserted that our ET Contact team numbers could become so global and so large that no government or other authority would ever be able to withhold the UFO/ET truth ever again! We would join other experiencers with first-hand knowledge of ET contact while expanding our innate abilities to connect and manifest together.

So what was the next step?

Gathering like-minded friends we built a SAFE SPACE where we could all gather together to accomplish this goal.  Join to view our members area – here.

ET intelligence further stated that our People’s Disclosure Movement would reach a tipping point so that Full Open Contact could occur.  In other words, the sooner we focus on this tipping point goal, the sooner we arrive at Full Disclosure.

That’s why I founded The People’s Disclosure Movement.

ETLT-MEMBERS-CE-5-MEET-UP-EVENTPlease come to members area, make friends, and let’s get to work!  Make posts of your experiences.  Start discussions of them.  Share with, learn from and teach others! Build your own local ET Contact Team – we’ll help with easy online tools you can use.  Our user interface has been redesigned to be more useful, easier and secure from prying commercially-oriented, spying entities which are found on most mass social media sites.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  The future is in our hands.  We have a LOT of help from our Galactic Friends who will aid us while respecting our free will.  But we have to get active, do our part to solve our problems and let ET know we want to create an ongoing mutually-beneficial relationship.

Thank you for all you do.  You are the heroes and heroines of the Movement. 🙂

Kosta-Makreas - The People's Disclosure Movement - EtLetsTalk

Kosta Makreas – Founder of & The People’s Disclosure Movement

To Our Golden Age,
Kosta Makreas

kosta (at)
Founder, The People’s Disclosure Movement



Learn How to Connect!

Register Here. It's Free. Enjoy Monthly ET UFO Contact Events - Join a CE-5 Team - Start Your Own! Cancel Anytime.


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