2018 ET UFO Retreats - Mount Shasta, CA, Joshua Tree, CA and Bloomington, Indiana

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Make Extraterrestrial Contact!
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ET Contact Retreats for 2018

DATES & Locations

  • Mt. Shasta, CA: June 10 – 15
  • Bloomington, IN: Sept. 9 – 13
  • Joshua Tree, CA: Oct. 7 – 12

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Tuition: $425
Attendees responsible for all other expenses
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What you can look forward to:

  • Meet up with others for 6 nights to learn how to make ET Contact
  • Enjoy ET CONTACT every night on the ground, in the sky and in many creative ways!
  • Receive informative lectures by Kosta (“The People’s Disclosure Movement” and more)
  • Experience multiple classes by Clairvoyant Teacher Hollis that will enhance your ET Contact
  • Participate in Opening Day circle of introduction to “Meet and Greet” Your Fellow Cosmic Explorers
  • Enjoy Opening Night fun with an informal stimulating group dinner
  • Learn from others in Daily Afternoon group sharing and socializing circle
  • Revel in Mid-week “free” day to explore the area followed by a group picnic in the afternoon
  • Make Amazing, Fun, & Enthusiastic new friends from the global ETLetsTalk Community
  • Luxuriate in Personal Time each day to nap, hike, swim, shop, dine, meditate, etc.

ETLetsTalk Facilitators: KOSTA and HOLLIS

CE-5 Event - 2018 Mt Shasta CA

Getting into the zone – CE-5 Evening’s Circle – Mt Shasta, CA



WATCH THIS VIDEO! Joshua Tree, Oct 2017
ET Retreat – 2 Ship Sightings!

The video was captured on an iPhone and then enhanced to show a more-defined & dramatic view in the ending half of the video starting at 00:51. This happened on 2 separate evenings! This video is from Wednesday evening.

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Review comments from previous retreat participants!

Kosta thank you for such a wonderful and magic experience in Shasta. The location, having mountain Shasta in the background, was truly magical, our cosmic ET friends showed every night and healing energy surrounded us all the time.

And the healing was profound and lasting. For about 30 years now I have been having a recurring dream which meaning has always eluded me. Some times I have it often some times it stops appearing, only to appear a while later shrouded always in mystery.

On the night after the last day of our retreat I went to bed and the dream came up again. Just as before, nothing different, yet in the morning when I woke up the meaning of the dream was so clear to me that it surprised it had taken me so long to work it out!

Coincidence? Certainly not. But the timing of the revelation had a meaning of it’s own. Healing at a very deep level had taking place in our retreat (and in our hearts).

And so I thank you Kosta and all our friends form this planet and beyond who came to our retreat.

Cosmic hugs of the heart


I was fortunate enough to attend the July, 2016 Mount Shasta Retreat. As a former prosecutor and trial lawyer, I never would have believed the myriad of contact experiences if I had not seen the evidence with my own eyes and confirmed them by the eyes and ears of the group that attended.

Though my pre group experience at Shasta had involved only one type of craft and a dozen craft sightings over the past 40 years (golden orbs) besides the readily identifiable meteors, satellites and other human aircraft, there were at the July-August 2016 Shasta event ET craft that flashed us on request, “streakers”, linear travelers, the vertical-horizontal streaks of light and those two amazing craft that must have been 300 yards across as they passed us from north to south east. The small glowing orbs in the field, the tandem orbs on my last night that were many miles directly above us that travelled at speeds so much faster than any jet craft and one making a 90 degree turn on a dime were just amazing.

The group, though 40 in number, were varied, receptive, well educated, some retired pilots, air craft controllers and military as well as one or two very proficient astronomers and some equipped with infrared scopes and cameras and one or two Ivy geeks like me added to the scientific and critical nature of our group observation of the multiple phenomenon over five nights. The training that we all received in meditation and other transcendental spiritual exercises was a great refresher course for me and would be invaluable to the neophyte and anybody coming into this experience for the first time.

A wide array of great and easily obtainable lodging was available in either Mt. Shasta or (if cost is a factor) in the nearby town of Weed.

I just wanted to say thanks again for expanding my horizons and teaching us all how to bring our meditative focus into this very holy place to make contact at Shasta. This worked for me on so many levels. Having seen how to do this correctly throughout the week, I now feel confident enough to teach others the technique and enlarge my own singular experiences and incorporate what I have learned into my own local CE-5 contact group.

Norman M. Murburg, Jr. Esq.
Princeton University, ‘1977
Former Florida Assistant State Attorney, Sixth Judicial Circuit

My Shasta experience was amazing . On so many different levels I connected to my ET family . We saw many types of crafts from the first night on. Healing and bonding as a Cosmic Family seemed to be the theme for our experience . I am so grateful to have met so many on the same path as me and to be able to share my experiences and visions with everyone . I plan to come again to our ET Let’s Talk Family at Mt Shasta . Thank you everyone for being a part of the experience of connecting to our Cosmic Family and for all the healings we shared .



Those who looked inward were encouraged to look outward. Those who looked outward were supported in looking inward. So, lights in the sky — yes! Inspired inner visions — yes! A delightful experience on so many levels. Your guidance, Kosta and Hollis, brought a large and diverse group into light-hearted (oh yes, there are multiple meanings here) harmony. A wonderful experience.


I’ve been to many CE-5 events, and the ET Contact Retreat at Mt Shasta was right up there with the best of them. Kosta and Hollis did a superb job of developing group cohesiveness which made for wonderful night sessions under the stars. It was an amazing group of people, and we were given plenty of time to get to know each other and really connect. We also had time to enjoy the Mt Shasta area. The field location was private with a perfect view of Mt Shasta and the night sky. We had perfect weather as well – a nice break from the heat back home in Indiana. And, yes, cool things happened both in the sky and in the circle. We are family! I hope to do this again sometime soon!


My experience with Kosta, Hollis, and the members of the group at Mount Shasta was uplifting and enlightening. My interactions with each person brought loads of new information into my consciousness. The meditations and lessons that focused on intuitive sensing made me aware that I do have some minor latent abilities, and that developing them further is going to be immensely beneficial and rewarding, hopefully for others as well as for myself. While I was not able to receive telepathic messages from our cosmic kin, their response to my request for evidence of their presence was unmistakable and unambiguous! I hope that I am able to return in subsequent years to participate in this unique shared experience. So much love was present; to attend is to give yourself an incredible gift.

Thank you to everyone!


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