Very special day

The global CE-5 contact experience for me and my wife was a very special day. We both experienced their spiritual connection. I made a decision recently to pursue a special project that could potentially benefit other people and I felt a rejoicing from our Star friends. It was very positive.

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  1. John Smith

    i understand the feeling of you and your wife feeling a spiritual connection.Several years ago while going to Gibson reservoir in Montana.I had wanted to try something out with contact.I had encounters in different states.I got the feeling that they were with me all the time.Or could be with me in a second.I took the ride to Gibson being it was over 25 miles from my mountain was day time.I got to a isolated spot looked up.And then there was a ship just sitting there. I have been in the Marines in 1974 I have been a Private Investigator .And taught martial Arts.i am far from a emotional man as far as crying even at a funeral.But seeing that ship.Knowing they are always there .I dropped to the ground literally and started crying.So I know why some believe them to be angelic.I am one who does.I am happy for your experience.It is really great.

  2. andrew

    John, as I read your comment, I totally resonate with the deep emotional response one encounters when one sees the ships, even just lights in the sky, ETs in dreams and visions, and those rare times face-to-face on the street. For me I have ffelt a whole range of emotions, from exhilaration to reverence, from unity consciousness, to an internal “peace that passeth all understanding”. When I am in contact with my ET relatives and they with me, I see and feel in them that divine oneness of all life, that connection to that Universal Source, that Universal Mind, that Universal Love. Peace, Andrew

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