Triple CE5 Response

I started the day in Mission, BC with a meditation and loving invitation to ETs, followed by viewing the True World History online conference (10am to3:30pm). My magnetometer was up around 350 uT and after I said hello it went lower than ambient uT (norm 45 uT, low of 20 uT) and reversed compass polarity until the conference was over (around 3:30 PST). Around 9-11 pm I was out stargazing with my cousin and we watched about 15 UFOs (high altitude slow moving balls of light, sometimes flashing) criss cross the sky, or park. My cousin checked her satellite app and none were apparent at the time. Around 10pm, a large dark bar formed in the E of Abbotsford, BC and from it, there emanated a thick white spiral band of cloud across from E to W, at 45 degrees above the horizon; inside the cloud band, it was spiralling and had E to W waves for about 30 minutes. About 10 friends on Facebook witnessed the same phenomenon as far as the Sunshine Coast, BC. Today I checked UFO reports and across the river from our position, in Abbotsford, another family witnessed the following at the same time:  “On Saturday night in Abbotsford I took my dog for a quick walk around the block at 10pm. As I was looking up at the stars I noticed a star which is what it looked like, but a lil brighter than usual. I then noticed it moving at a mediocre pace, then it then began moving in a strange wavey pattern, moving backwards, forwards, up and down, eventually it began staying in one spot and then began to do tiny clockwise and counter clockwise circles. I ended up watching this for an hour as it was strangely doing these maneuvers, very strange don’t know what it could of been maybe something of ours in space maybe… But the distance it covered and the maneuvers it was doing in that short period of time were very strange. I called my mom and sister outside to check this weird light out and to make sure I wasn’t tripping but they watched with me too and got freaked out. Lol, that was one of the weirdest things that I ever seen going on in the night sky (”  The overall sensation was peace, companionship and encouragement, with a hint of excitement or preparation for an impending event.

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