They showed me how to make this


EDIT:  Here are the design specs set to a song I made.



A few years ago, I lived in a house where there was two native americans living there.  And on the weekends, they would take me with them up to the reservation to the tribal chairman’s place, and we would do a ceremony called Taka Inipi, or sweat lodge.  It is a Lakota ceremony.  And in the summer we would go to the Sun Dance up in the mountains.

I had two experiences I’d like to talk about.

It was winter, December.  Right before christmas.  I was in my room, and I was saying some of the prayers that they had taught me.  There are songs you sing in the Inipi, and they had told me to learn the songs.  They say that there are beings called Tankashelas that you can ask for help.  My friend said that in english, you could call them angels.

So I was in my room, and I asked, “What is an electromagnetic wave, really?  What does it actually look like in space?”  I was going to college at the time, studying physics, and I really wanted to know what radio waves and light actually were.  I couldn’t find a good answer in any book.  So I was saying the prayer the indians had taught me, and asked.  And then something very strange happened.

I heard a voice.  Not inside my head, but it was like there was someone standing there in the room next to me, speaking out loud.  And they said, “We have agreed to discuss this matter in the language of light.”

And I was just totally astonished.  Nothing like this had ever happened to me before, and has not since.

Well I will leave out a lot of the details, but what happened was, I closed my eyes, and there was an old woman.  And she said, “We allow civilizations to exist in harmony, for millions of years.”  And I could feel that what she was saying was true.  I could feel it in the sound of her voice.  She was very serious, and very sincere.

Then I saw an old man.  It was not my imagination, and it was not like watching a movie.  I could see him, in color.  It was like we were together, I was right there with him.  He said, “All light is hyper-dimensional light.  *ALL* light…. is hyper dimensional light.”  And then he started to name colors, “Hyper-dimensional….. red.  Hyper-dimensional lilac…  hyper-dimensional blue….  hyper-dimensional green.”  He repeated, “All light is hyper dimensional light.  When you understand this, I would like very much to show you God’s Beautiful Mind.”

I was not raised religious, but I was so astonished by what was happening, I just took it at face value.

Well, he showed me these things that they called Wave Articulation Matrices, or a Wave Articulation Matrix.  It looks like a shaft, with several rings or cylinders around it.  They are made out of metal, a ferromagnetic metal I think, like Nickel or Iron.

I saw several different kinds.  You can make them in different ways.  Some have more rings than others, or the rings have different lengths and circumferences, and positions along the shaft.  And the different configurations of rings do different things.

 Most of them were too complicated for me to remember.  But there was one that they called “Fountain Giving Life”, which I drew a picture of and that is what is shown in my video.

These people had a spaceship like a flying saucer, and there were some of these WAM’s in it.  The shaft was vertical, and the rings would move up and down it independently of each other while it was in operation.  It was really beautiful to watch.

The old man said very slowly, “Each time Fountain give life, Fountain become…. Stronger.  So the next time Fountain give life, Fountain give…. More life.   *More* than the time before.  Hai -lah!   Fountain give!”

It’s like he got excited at the end and made an exclamation in another language.  He could not speak english very well.  But well enough to get the point across.

I understood that he was describing a recursive process.

Well so I was standing in my room, with my eyes open, and they did something to me.  It was like my field of vision broke apart into many pieces, and then I just saw darkness.  I felt like they were taking me up into another place.  It hurt my head.  You know, it was hard.

I saw a river of yellow light flowing off into the distance.  They called it “Life”, like it was some kind of life-force energy.  They had a blue cube, that was just an outline, you could see through it.  And I knew that the cube was a piece of our 3D space.  And the river flowed right through the cube and out the other side, and kept going.  And this voice said, “Fountain pass *through* your world.”

Footnote:  This happened in December 2011.  Last year (2015) a friend recommended I watch a Japanese anime called Mushishi.  In this show, there are several episodes where they depict a river of yellow light that exists in another dimension, and they describe it as a kind of primal life force energy.  I think in Japanese the word they use is Koumyaku.

I saw the old man surrounded by different configurations of WAMs, and he said, “Different kinds of beautiful fountains.”

Then I saw him inside what I thought was his spaceship.  There were at least three people there, sitting around a large round table.  The table glowed bright white, like a TV.  It was a circle.  The old man was in a chair.  And there was a man sitting next to him, but I could not make out his face.  And there was a third, um, being in the next chair, but I don’t want to describe it because it is just too bizarre.  But it was not scary at all.  And in the middle of the table was a little spiral of pink flowers, like cherry blossoms.

I guess I should say that mostly this was a very beautiful experience.  At the same time, it was very emotional.  I can’t really convey the emotional aspect in words.  But mostly I was just shocked.  You know, I was so surprised and astonished by what was happening that I didn’t really have time to react.  I just went with it.

Well I saw something that looked like a flying saucer.  And then the old man started talking about the milky way galaxy.  He described it as a sound.  He said, “The galaxy is one sound.  Every star has its contribution.”  And also, “Galaxy very old……   Galaxy very good.”

Then I saw a piece of paper.  I got the impression that it was very old, or from a long time ago.  And I thought for some reason that it was the cover of a book on Chinese medicine, from China, a long time ago.  It said, “Fountain Giving Life is a Wave Articulation Matrix for a Healthy Civilization.  Welcome to the Galaxy.”

Well I have left out a lot of details, but that is the main gist of what happened.

I guess one important thing I got out of it is that they live in a different kind of space than we do.  It’s like their space has more dimensions than ours.   When you’re up where they live, you can pick up a piece of our space like it’s an object, and put things through it.  There is a relationship that exists between the two spaces.  And I think that the principle on which the Fountain works is that it allows a flux or physical quantity to flow from their space into ours, and then back into theirs again, in a cycle.

I cried for a long time when this all ended.  I was thinking about the war and it made me very sad.  These Tankashelas or whatever you want to call them, they care very much about this world, about the plants and animals, and the people.


P.S.  If you have a Vector Network Analyzer  and a Spectrum Analyzer, I would like to measure the impedance of this thing, and do a frequency sweep to find out where it is resonant.  I suspect that, because it has a kind of Log Periodic geometry,  there will be several frequencies at which it is resonant.

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