The yellow ball

Friday 02/05  I went outside with no phone, no guided meditation, no crop circle tones. I visualize what the meditation teaches…. After a few minutes of this I look to my right up in the sky. A ball of yellow light appeared out of nowhere and streaked foward across the night sky only to disappear just as quickly a few seconds later. I felt charged with energy for the next 15 minutes amazed that they had heard my call once more. 

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  1. andrew

    When I go out and look up in the sky, whether it’s CE5 night or not, in my heart I know I’m connected to my star relatives, and they to me. Seeing signs in the sky, whether streaks of light, or craft, still or moving, shining off and on, etc. They let me know that they are here and that I am loved. It may sound corny, but that’s my truth.

  2. Grunta

    Are you able to make contact without meditating? I have seen streaks of light as well, they are very fast, I thought they would be meteorites. Do you think they could be ETI?

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