The FREE Experiencer Research Study

The FREE Experiencer Research Study

Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters (FREE)
As many of you know, the Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters, FREE, is a research not for profit comprised of 6 Ph.D.s, most are retired academic professors, and 5 non academic researchers.  Our Executive Director and Co-Founder is Dr. Rudy Schild, a 75 year old Emeritus Professor of Astrophysics at Harvard University.  The other Co-Founders are Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Mary Rodwell, and Rey Hernandez.

Our FREE Board of Directors met on December 1st and voted to publicly release the data from our Phase 1 and Phase 2 research findings.  (See the attached document titled “OVERVIEW OF FREE” to view the 11 members of our Board)  All of our data will be publicly released via our new website that is under development and will be opened on February 1, 2016.  Following is the link to our new website, please save:


Over the last 18 months, FREE has been undertaking the first comprehensive multilingual academic research study on individuals that have had UFO related contact experiences, The FREE Experiencer Research Study.

FREE has just closed its 18 month data collection from its Phase 1 and Phase 2 surveys totaling more than 600 questions.  There is still much work that needs to be completed.  We still need to undertake various cross tabulation and other statistical data analysis on these 600 questions.  In addition, we also have not launched our Phase 3 (Written Responses to 60 Open Ended Questions) and Phase 4 (Formal Structured Interview with the Participants).

We closed our data collection in the English language for the purposes of our FREE Exeriencer Research Study as of December 6th.  (See the attached document titled “FREE Experiencer Research Study” for details)  While we are still collecting data from both our surveys after December 6th, this new data will not be included in our current study analysis because we want to avoid any argument that we tainted the sample pool by releasing the data.  Again, this discussion only pertains to our 2 English language surveys which totals 600 questions.  Nevertheless, we are still continuing to collect responses to our Spanish language surveys where we have had over 450 responses. 

In the early Spring we will be launching our Phase 1 and Phase 2 surveys in the following languages:  French, German, Russian, Hindi, Tamal, Mandarin, Portuguese.  We would like to proceed with other languages but we are still awaiting professional translations.

We finished our English language Phase 1 survey with over 2,000 responses and our Phase 2 survey resulted in over 1,200 responses.  As you can see by our data, the preliminary findings will totally transform the field of Ufology, the Paranormal, and the field of Consciousness Studies and this is even before we start the Phase 3 and Phase 4 portions of our research study.  We estimate that our FREE Experiencer Research Study will be completed in approximately 2 years.  We hope that by the end of 2017 we will have a completed a series of academic peer reviewed articles and several books for publication as a result of our extensive scientific based research study.

I am attaching a series of PDF files for our Phase 1 and Phase 2 surveys, including the entire survey summary findings. (See links, below)

Please note that personal data is not included–  these are only summary findings for each of the 600 questions.  It is important to note that our research study is completely “Anonymous” and confidentiality is strictly held.

Also attached is a draft proposal containing questions for our Phase 3 portion of our study, Written Responses to 60 Open Ended Questions.  (See the document titled “Phase 3, Instructions to Participants It is still in draft format and we need to add a few more questions and make some minor changes.  

Note that in Phase 1 and 2 we specifically asked for responses based only on “Conscious Explicit Memory” and NOT memory from Hypnotic Regressions, Lucid Dreams, Mystical Meditations, Channeling, etc.  (See the document titled “Survey Instructions for Phase 1 and 2“)  For Phase 3, however, we allowed all of the different types of memory recollection.  Nevertheless, we did ask the participant to state for EACH SPECIFIC EXPERIENCE, the type of memory recollection that was used.  The reason for this addition to our research methodology for Phase 3 is that many experiences do in fact have recollection of experiences through hypnotic regressions, through lucid dreams, mystical meditations, near death experiences, OBEs, etc and it was determined by our FREE Board of Directors that this informational also needed to be collected BUT NOT in our initial 2 surveys.

I am also attaching a document that discusses our Research Methodology and how our study is drastically different from all previous “Abduction Studies”.  (See the document titled “Methodological Comparison Between the FREE Experiencer Research Study and all Previous Abduction Surveys“)
Also included are the data findings from the 20 questions listed in Dr. Diane Powell’s book, “The ESP Enigma” regarding the “Right Brain vs. Left Brain hypothesis”.  I am hoping that Dr. Powell can take a look at this data and possibly write some formal commentary on this particular data findings.  It has been speculated by many researchers that “Experiencers” of UFO related contact are more “Right Brain Thinkers”–  artistic, creative, innovative, often random.  Once again, we need cross tabulation analysis to properly quantify this hypothesis so please do not jump to any preliminary conclusions.

We also included almost 200 questions from Dr. Kenneth Ring’s book titled “The Omega Project:  Near Death Experiences, UFO Encounters, and Mind at Large”.  As many of you know, Dr. Kenneth Ring is a retired tenured Professor of Psychology at the University of Connecticut and one of the world’s leading academic scholars on Near Death Experiences.  “The Omega Project” compared several hundred individuals who had claimed either a Near Death Experience or a UFO related “Abduction” experience.  Dr. Ring’s conclusion, also shared by many ET contact researchers, is that both the NDE and UFO abduction Experiencers have basically been transformed by their experiences into the same psychological profile!

Dr. Ring states “… the most striking findings of the Omega Project, and perhaps the most thought-provoking, are those that point to a pervasive pattern of wide-ranging and powerful psycho-physical changes following either a UFO abduction or NDE experience.”

A “psycho-physical” change refers to an alteration that involves both MIND and BODY.  Dr. Ring states that these encounters may actually “REPROGRAM” an experiencer’s “physiological and nervous system so as to make that individual inwardly and environmentally more sensitive”.

Dr. Ring’s observations regarding the belief and value shifts that occurred to both NDE and UFO abduction experiencers are just as startling.  He states they “are tantamount to an entirely new worldview”.


I have also attached a document titled FREE’s Programs for the Year 2016 which details our program agenda for this coming year.  I have also attached photos of the 4 Co-Founders of FREE (Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Dr. Rudy Schild, Mary Rodwell, Rey Hernandez).  Finally, our new website, EXPERIENCER.ORG, will go public on February 1, 2016 and all of our data findings will be publicly released at this time. 

Here is the link for the new website which is still under construction:

3 short videos of Dr. Edgar Mitchell and Dr. Rudy Schild discussing their role in FREE.

August 2015:

Please inform us if you have any questions.

Dr. Rudy Schild, Executive Director and Co-Founder
Rey Hernandez, J.D., M.C.P., Ph.D. Candidate at UC Berkeley, Co-Founder
Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters (FREE)


Website: (February 1, 2016)

Archive of PDF and DOC files

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Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters (FREE) - Over the last 18 months, FREE has been undertaking the first comprehensive multilingual academic research study on individuals that have had UFO related contact experiences, The FREE Experiencer Research Study. Email: EXPERIENCER.CO @ GMAIL.COM Website: (February 1, 2016)


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