Stationary Flashes Early for CE-5 Santa Fe!

There were 4 of us that were present for the CE-5 tonight.

We postponed a day due to the many Saturday weather, so we actually held our contact the day after the July 2 Global event.

We watched a DVD first about a lady named Yvonne in AU who has incredible experiences with orbs and other energy manifestations if you will.

The series of photos is unreal. This was  presentation by Patty Greer at CITD this year. We all felt it put us in the right space for our contact work when it got darker.

We went out to our sky viewing area around 9:15 or so. Soon after settling in our seats, one of our members asked us to all put our healing thoughts and intentions for our friend/member Steve, who could not be there due to his unfortunate accident at work falling on his hammer in his lower back. Immediately after I said, “yes indeed”, I noticed directly in my line of sight to the East, about 60 degrees up in the sky, a rather bright lingering flash, then a couple seconds later another, different duration and intensity. I have a laser pointer (green line type), and started making circles around the area. It flashed again, this time the other 3 saw it. It continued flashing irregularly and differing intensities for a couple of minutes, in the same spot. A couple times it powered up quite brightly, where everyone let out a wow!! We were sending out feelings of joy and appreciation, it was so elating, we were laughing too!  Also, at one point we witnessed it do an incredibly quick flash and streak movement to the lower right, but not far. Soon after the flashes slowed down and it did look like it moved off perhaps, or just disappeared it was hard to tell conclusively but we all watched it fade out with its flashes.

We were all left with feelings of elation after that. We had one new member who got to witness this type of thing for the first time, and she was really blown away. Pretty much speechless.

Meditation and CTS followed, with another long sky viewing afterward.
Besides a lot of satellites, we did not see any more sky lights or any other types of contact or anomalous activity. We called it a night around 10:45pm


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  1. Swanson

    Just a note of interest….. On the same night, July 3rd, around 10 PM, my son and I observed the identical flashes in the NE night sky, from my home in Nogales, Arizona… son was using a night vision scope and stated there were flashes to the North East …. I observed two flashes before it departed, also, we sae the same streak of light, as mentioned in above report. Has anyone ever reported the same event from two different locations?

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