Starship I saw 4-09 3x1 copy

Starship 2009

While washing dishes in early April of 2009, I looked up out of the window in front of the sink.  This is what I saw!  Too captivated to move, I just took it in, mouth open, happy- not wanting to move away to go find my camera.  It was the size of a small Mothership- a beautiful sterling silver color with the huge brilliant lights at the bottom.  My location at the time was Commerce Township, MI.  The window faced N-NW.  I estimated the ship to be approx. a quarter mile away.  Later on in a channeled message through Michael Ellegion, I was informed that it was one of Ashtar’s ships, whom I am connected to.  I had to go and reproduce the image in Photoshop right away after it re-cloaked.  It was difficult to get the beautiful sterling color exactly.  Since then I have been seeing ships farther out, that signal to me just about whenever I go out at night. They either signal by moving in a pattern, or disappear/reappear, looking like a star turning on/off.  One night one of the ships first looked like a star, but as I tuned in to it, it grew maybe 5 x bigger and brighter, then totally disappeared.  That ship is in the S sky.  The ship that I usually see moving in a pattern is usually in the NE sky.


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  1. luvsuncat

    I have experience seeing two definitely events & possibly one I was very young. It is amazing how they shift and move and change the course of direction love hearing your exposure of an ET sighting.

  2. schrammatt

    relly?now I bilive ufos, iv seen some and so has my dad but this redickils,

  3. leesha

    I love the attention, when seeing ships I feel safe. Knowing they r there like a father of the sky!

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