Spring 1967, First Encounter, Imperial Valley, CA

Hello Kostas,

I’m 54 years old, I live in San Jose, CA, and have never told anyone about my experiences—except for my paternal Grandmother, from when I was child.  My Grandmother passed away in July 1996.  I’m married and have not discussed my experiences with my partner—nor has he inquired—but I know he suspects I’ve had strange occurrences in my life.

That said, in late July 2012, while attending my nephews’ wedding celebration in Las Cruces NM, I struck up the courage to ask my Mother—in the presence of my Father—why and what the “bald spot” was behind the ranch house in the field ?  She responded, “you mean the UFO!”  At that point, with me being in a stunned state, I noted my Father was becoming very agitated, and the conversation quickly came to a halt.  As the reception continued, the opportunity to discuss further my Mother’s comment ceased.  I’ve yet to bring it up again.  Unfortunately, my Father has been suffering from progressive dementia for about 5 years now and is challenged with both long and short-term memory, so the opportunity of asking him what he knows of my Mother’s comments grow dimmer and dimmer.

1967…..It was spring.  It was after my 6th birthday in April and it was late at night. I was in bed and I heard what I thought were helicopters behind the house and saw green and white-ish lights from my window from my top bunk.  I know the sound I heard was like a helicopter, but the sound was pulsing slower than the helicopters I would see during the day.  *[As a note, our ranch house was under a flight route from El Centro NAF to Yuma MCAS, and all types of military helicopters and aircraft would fly over at low level.  My hobby is military aviation and aviation history.]

I went outside.  No one else had awoken.  I went to the field edge close by the big navel orange tree and I saw something that was round on top (with what I know now to be “crenellations” on the dome) and the green light was more like chartreuse in color with glowing fog-like clouds moving about. In my minds eye, I now think that the fog I saw could have been dust rising from the dirt in the field.

I’m not sure if I was inside or outside the dome because I could see that the stars were out and it smelled strange, but I remember seeing several figures that looked like gold colored sparklers…..but were much more so! I do love sparklers. I remember feeling that they were neither hot nor blinding to look at. I don’t recall being afraid.  I do remember a deep feeling of so much Love and feeling so welcome.  I felt something tell me “We Love You!”  Something from the sparklers touched my forehead.

My next memory finds me awake in bed.  I remember I became very, very sick a few weeks later and was hospitalized.  I was frightened.  My next memory from the hospital bed was feeling a touch on my forehead and heard and felt the same voice that said “We Love You.”  I remember going home the next day.

I have had other experiences with the most recent being from last February, but am reticent to share more unless I can be guaranteed your discretion as I have very close associations that work under strict security clearances.

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