JULY 2016 – Somerville, TX

Just after midnight on the morning of July 2nd, a fast moving craft zipped across the sky from SW to E.  Far faster than any satellite, this sighting was an identical match to the craft shown in the example of “meteors” on Dr. Greer’s ET CONTACT APP.

Since I had just reviewed these examples prior to sky watching, I had no doubt at all that it was a craft and not a meteor of any kind. 

I was awed and amazed.  I did not sky watch on the night of July 2nd due to a nearby fireworks display.  Country folk really like to whip it up on the holidays.  LOL


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    I am certainly open to having other people join me, Olivia. I will be out of town during the August meet, but would be delighted to have interested parties join me for future events. Feel free to communicate with me by email, jmg54@sbcglobal.net , if you so desire.

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