Sep 3rd CE5 in Calgary

Our news: My wish was granted! I have been doing CE5s on an off for three years. Our group was really hungry for sightings as we had almost none in three years. Most of our experiences were internal, which I have since learned are really important to have and it seems they are a prerequisite which facilitates personal growth, relinquishing fear and reducing our own skepticism about believing ourselves. I just attended a CE5 retreat with Kosta in August, which was an incredible experience! So many visual sightings as well as important internal experiences. I wanted to bring back some kind of wisdom to help my group have visual experiences as well. Last night, I had a small CE5, 4 people in total. Each of them had a visual sighting!, one person for the first time. My mother, it turns out, had seen flashbulbs a long time ago… she just thought they were her imagination! After my description of Mt. Shasta flashbulbs she spoke up. She had never mentioned it previously. My theories of group coherence was proven last night, my mom and Jan, her friend, talked more and helped direct the group more than they ever had. The smaller group allowed them to partake. Also, we spent a good hour beforehand talking amongst each other instead of me just directing the group. Normally people interface with me and not each other.  I got the message: “Beautiful Coherence” and and image of us looking to the sky to see lights and star beings watching the lights from our hearts on earth. So: One of us saw a red light which disappeared after he opened his eyes and looked at it. His request at the beginning of the night was to see the craft I had found in my photo of the sky from Mt. Shasta. My mom saw a beam of light coming from a cloud, and our new joiner saw a light move from one tree to another, possible flashbulbs in his periphery, and the “ships in hyperdrive leaving from the mothership star” lights I had seen once a long time ago; he saw four. It was a partly cloudy night, and this all happened in my mom’s itsy bitty backyard, where we can see a very small percentage of the sky due to the trees and her house. I am so pleased my wish came true! We are excited for more to come. 😀 😀 😀

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