Second captures

So with this trail camera, In one second I get 3 pictures, 0.3 seconds shutter time to capture all these images. Pictures 1-4 are from the other night. Then we lead into pictures from yesterday. I had the thought in my head like oh I need to go grab my camera. This was at 1:59 P.M. I set the camera off but it appears something is in the sky watching over me grab the camera. Within 0.3 seconds this is in and out of frame. Zoom in, edit, do whatever you need to. That is something I have never seen before. Maybe as I once said to a few people I knew learning about and doing CE-5 protocols, I think when you become connected with these beings a form of telepathic communication is always running. As if they know your thoughts as you receive them.  Also, ignore the dates they seem to be hit and miss but the temperature reading has yet to be wrong for me but could have been from the sun hitting the sensor weird possibly as well.

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