Mar 11-2017 – Sat w/ Sheehan

Saturday with Daniel Sheehan
March 11, 2017

Published on Mar 16, 2017
Join us at the ETLetsTalk 2017 ET Contact Retreats! Mt. Shasta, CA: June 18 to 23 Bloomington, IN: Sept. 17 to 21 Joshua Tree, CA: Oct. 15 to 20
* 6 days of Lectures and Classes!
* 6 nights of ET Sky & Ground Contact!
Enjoy serious group fun in a relaxed, informal, and supportive atmosphere.

“Saturday With Sheehan” is an ongoing webinar series focused on the disclosure of the existence of Extra Terrestrial Beings and its implications as they engage Humanity. “The People’s Disclosure Movement” – sponsored by – is especially interested in empowering everyday people to achieve Disclosure by teaching them to make their own ET Contact.

This latest “Saturday With Sheehan” episode contains an update about Danny Sheehan’s “New Paradigm Institute” plus answers to questions from our ETLetsTalk Community and friends. Questions concern ETs, Disclosure, the new worldview which embraces the consequences of Humanity engaging with the Galactic Civilizations which are here and more!

Thanks to our ET Let’s Talk members and Danny Sheehan, Patrick Sheehan, and Kosta Makreas for making this production possible!

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Learn more about Danny Sheehan’s revolutionary think tank: NEW PARADIGM INSTITUTE: (a collaborative Project of the Romero Institute)

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