Pyramid Rez ce5

Elaine and I were going to go over to Misfit Flats east of Carson City last night, Oct 1, to do a CE5 with Bob. Bob cautioned us that if the wind were strong, there would be dust storms, bad conditions, and not to come. They were strong.

So we went over to the Pyramid Rez and set up on a hill overlooking the lake. Very beautiful view, and not very windy. Go figure. The night sky was magnificent. Elaine brought a radar detector, walkie talkies and the contact apps on her phone played through speakers. It seemed to us that the radar detector went off at strategic points in the conversation and meditations. We saw planes, satellites, and one extremely bright white flash that could have been et. Both of us saw that, looking straight at it. We would have loved to experience more showy and obviously et phenomena, but we were very happy experiencing nature, one clearly unusual phenomena and good company.

Ellen :-)

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