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As a matter of introduction, we live in the Adirondack Mountains, on the southern edge of the Canadian Shield.   Because of our common backgrounds and experiences, Syndia and I cultivate multiple specific areas of expertise as you would presently define or understand them.  We have families and we belong to a community of like-minded and similarly talented individuals, just as many of you also do.  Our primary skills are principally in the Linguistics/Communications field, with various secondaries in aspects of Behavioral Analysis and Awareness and Social Evolution.  Syndia’s principle degree is in Animal Husbandry.  She is particularly fond of birds, especially African Greys.  Each of our employment histories are very similar and limited to one government agency or another.   We each have constructed backgrounds that have allowed us to work quietly when asked, and live peacefully while remaining hidden and anonymous, and we both presently maintain what she and I would modestly characterize as very high levels of literacy and skill in a number of different disciplines associated with the ‘intelligence’ arena.


Although this will have little meaning to any of you, Syndia and I ‘originate’ from a ‘paired’ civilization that is recognized at the highest levels of your planetary governments, (even though you may not recognize it) as one of the Twelve (which are actually Twenty-four.)  I am Altean.  Syndia is Mora-Triome.  In another very real moment in time,  Cindy and I are actually…technically… siblings.  In this reality, this moment in time, her and I are very much husband and wife, father and mother, friend and counterpart, mite’ mita’.  We are balanced, polarized, unified, and devoted.  What we ‘are’ is of little relative importance in the larger scheme of things.  We are just as human in this moment as any of you, and ‘being human’ in this moment gives us the very same inalienable rights as any other ‘natural born’ citizen of this planet.  We are not invaders or refugees.  We are shipwrecked here.  And we have been so for  a very long time.


There has been intermittent extraterrestrial involvement on this planet for millennia.  From your earliest days, many of you have known this.  And for the most part, that involvement has been largely benevolent, and in many respects, a permissible and accepted method to “increase” or “multiply” the expansion of Creation.  As a side note, from our perspective, the argument between Evolutionists and Creationists has a dimension of humor to it.  It is not that one is right and the other is wrong.  It is simply that both are right.  But human beings can rarely agree on anything, much less to agree to disagree.  Life evolved of its own on this planet and life was also planted here.  The many various civilizations that were / are involved in both processes are consistently memorialized in your ancient anthropologies, mythologies, theologies, and diverse philosophical and religious texts and were often worshipped as deities.  Their ancient abandoned monuments are evidence to their collective descents and entrapments in the “illusions made physical” in this world.  The barrier or ‘dividing line’ between what is perceived as magic and what might be recognized as technology is very often a shadowy illusion ‘made manifest’ in both time and space, and neither are ‘real.’  One can be said to be the by-product of the other, and vice versa.  But in reality, technology and magic are both a by-product of conscious perception.


To some of the most advanced civilizations in the Universe, time and space are essentially the same thing, making both largely irrelevant for two reasons.  We will elaborate further as we establish understandable parallels between what some of you view as historical or evolutionary events and others perceive from a religious viewpoint as divine intercession or intervention.  Because just like time and space, in many, many instances, they are one and the same.  The collision between two contradictory belief systems often create political, cultural, or religious friction, upheaval, or conflict.  The seeds of fear and distrust are planted in our ‘perceived’ individual differences.  In many other cultures, love and trust are found and nurtured in our shared collective heritage and similarities.  Those aspects of human understanding and perception are mostly narrow and un-evolved on this planet as well.  Syndia and I share no mad delusions that need defense against the truth.  Nor are we allied with any earthly government, politic, sect, or religious denomination.  We know many of you will be curious, so to answer the question many of you will want to ask, but won’t, we can safely say that we are ‘all of the above.’  (and “As above, so below.”)  The only thing we are not, if it should matter at all, are ‘atheists.’



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