Our Changing Times And Shake-Ups, McCall, ID, Two Present To The East 9:00 P.M. Mountain Time

I was actually answering someone on a musicians forum when I was urged to take another break (the previous one had been before dark) to go outside.  I heated up my cold coffee and went out.  I knew it was my star family.  I looked around and then due east I saw them.  They signal by moving in erratic sideways, up and down, circular motions while flashing color lights.

I greeted them and let them know I was glad to see them.  I remarked what a beautiful night it was.

They were aware of the rapid changes going on in mine and others’ lives, how our familiar situations were being shaken up.  They assured me that this was all good.  This is a time of great changes in how we live our lives, view our circumstances, and a time for changing out of things and places that no longer serve us to those that do, even though we may not recognize the new as anything other than confusing and uncertain.  This may require some adaptation on our parts.  We have been stagnant in some areas too long.  The universe is always changing, stars are born, stars wink out, nothing ever sits still though in the vastness of what we are perceiving as time, it may seem so because events do not occur in a familiar time line to what we are experiencing here and now.

This is a time of great decisions for us, taking leaps of faith even though we may have trepidation about what we are stepping into.  They showed me the sign of infinity by moving and making that sign.  I got an impression of “To infinity and beyond” (they know the movies I like).  Despite the upheavals in our world with war, crisis, cataclysms, we are infinite.  We should not let fear stop us from making decisions and trying something even if it may not work out and we need to try something else.

I thanked them for the down-load of information.  As I was saying this, a second one appeared just to the bottom right of the first one.  I felt peace and happiness, and a sense of well being.  In some way, they have been where we are now and understand.  That makes things a lot easier to understand and handle now for me.

Linda Irwin – Continuum X Headquarters

April 9, 2016


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