October 29, 2016 CE-5 – Longview Lake, Lee’s Summit, MO

Our small group of three met pre-dusk at a new site that I had gotten special, after-hours permission to use, in a park near one of our local state lakes.  We packed ourselves up and hiked about ½ mile on a well-worn trail to an open glade, near the water, that afforded a wide-open, full view of the sky.

Unfortunately, there were very bright tower lights illuminating part of the park after dark for about the first hour, so despite the beautiful new moon darkness, our view was limited for a while, until they turned off when the park officially closed.  We took advantage of this time to get settled in, get some personal stories and other information shared, and to just enjoy the beauty of the setting sun, and the rising star-field.

Just as it came to full-on dusk, a huge “something” flew right over our heads, and out to the west.  It was very low and silent, so it was a bit of a shock!  In my surprised state, my brain thought it looked like a Pterodactyl.  We all agreed it was far too large, or just plain the wrong shape to be a goose, hawk, eagle or heron.  It had a huge wingspan and if it was an owl, it was the biggest flippin’ owl I’ve ever encountered!  J  This led to me recount how many Contactees report seeing an owl (or multiple owls), in their window, outside in their trees or even in the house.  It is often reported that owls are heard when Contact is being made.  Even under regression hypnosis, before all the layers of memory come to the surface, many report the BE-ings encountered looked like owls.  It is commonly believed that the human psyche often will translate something unknown or perhaps even frightening, into something else that symbolizes (and feels more safe than) what was originally experienced.  Owls, seem to be a universal symbol for humans making ET Contact.  We did take it as a sign that it would be a great night, and that we would keep our minds and hearts open to all possibilities.

Once we settled in, we applied the Contact Protocols, including a guided meditation that came from me (channeled).  Almost immediately after going into deep meditation, Ray called out that he had seen a super-fast and bright streak travelling across the sky, east to west, near Cygnus.  I validated I had seen it, too, and I shared that when my husband and I were attempting Contact during last month’s CE-5, in Mexico, we saw many of these “fast walkers,” and that I, among many other Contactees, agree that this is not a shooting star phenomenon, but ETI either signaling by use of visual manipulation or with craft.  Either way, it was the beginning of many such sightings that night of this sort by Ray, Sheri and myself.  Many of these we all saw at the same time.

Along with several other “fast walker” type of sightings I also saw many flashbulb phenomena, and several times we tried signaling with Ray’s green laser (something that is now on my wish list for future CE-5 outings).  I don’t recall that there were any clear signals returned that night, but there was a lot of activity.

About mid-way into the night, I decided to play the Universal Mind meditation recording to get us even higher into the proper frequency to match that of our Star Family.  At the beginning of the session, I heard some strange vocalizations that I had never heard before (nor have heard since) when playing this recording.  It was subtle, under the rest of the recording, and sounded sort of like “Eeeee weeee weee eeee weee weee weee,” in a higher pitch than a human adult would use, with a slight, metallic overtone.  It sounded like someone speaking very fast in an indistinguishable language, with a digitized vocal effect applied.  It is so hard to describe!  But when I heard it I felt a very strong sense of love throughout my being, and I went very deep into open-eyed meditation.  In watching the stars, I felt Kundalini energy rising up my spine, as it has been doing lately whenever I am having a communion with ETI, and I was immersed in even more loving presence.  After the meditation was complete and we had star-gazed a bit more, Ray commented on the odd vocals in the recording and Sheri and I both validated we had heard them, too!

I experienced once again (see my other recent posts on this), the re-arranging of the star-field into sacred geometric patterns, and was telepathically told these were inner-dimensional charts, and that I would be given more information about this as we continued to work together and as my mind and body becomes more able to handle the energy of them.  Very exciting!

Twice, I thought I saw out of the corner of my left eye, a very tall, dark being approaching toward our little circle, on Ray’s side, but as I noticed it, it would disappear.  It seemed to be around 10 feet tall. The temperature where we sat changed drastically (at least to me), both times.  The air became much warmer upon its approach.  The energy field that I could perceive lingered, however, after the form disappeared, so I feel the Being was cloaking, to be safe or to ensure we would be ok with its presence.  It felt very safe, like a protector of some sort.  Once it dissipated, the air became cooler again.

Throughout the evening, we also saw several shooting stars, small aircraft, and a couple of satellites.  It is here that I do agree strongly with the recommendation of using a real-time, comprehensive sky app, so there is no question of what you are viewing!

Several times that night, we each commented on smelling the strong scent of horses, even though there were no farms close by, nor had we seen any horses on our hike in.  Although the smell was strong, it felt very warm and comforting to me.  We would later realize on our hike back to our cars that we were smelling deer!  They were everywhere, in the woods surrounding our “spot” and along the trail.  They seemed very unafraid of us.  Again, if you refer to some of my earlier posts, you will see many deer have been attracted to the energy of past CE-5 encounters.

We ended our evening around 11:00 pm, as clouds had gathered over our viewing area and had become very thick.  Several times, we all commented on how beautiful the clouds were and how grateful we were to just be able to sit in Nature and to have these experiences together.

One more thing of note happened that evening.  When we got to our cars, Ray noticed that his interior lights were on, due to having not closed his door properly.  He quickly checked to see if the car would start and it did, despite having sat there for over 5 hours with the lights on.  He shut it off to pack up his gear, and when he finished, tried the ignition and there was NO POWER.  After our initial shock and a short conversation about it, he got back in his car to try again.  I stood next to the car, sending energy as well as a telepathic message to our Star Friends, asking for assistance, and the car started right up!  Pretty cool, coincidence, or not!  😉


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