OC CE-5 report CITD 6- 4-16 Joshua Tree, Ca.




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OC CE-5 report Sat. June 4, 2016 by Kristie Cowans/Kris Lynn/Krustylove80

Location: Joshua Tree Retreat Center/Contact in the Desert UFO Conference: Orion Lookout

Our CE-5 team was not part of, but adjacent to Melinda Leslie’s Nighttime Sightings w/Military Goggles.

Time: Around 10:00 in the evening

Background info: There was a small airport south of us and a Marine Base north-east of us-all the activity came from the west going due east. Our whole OC CE-5 team was present at Orion Lookout as we had just finished listening to a lecture by James Gilliland where James called on beings to clear and bless everyone in attendance at which time I did feel a light touch to my forehead, related? Maybe? Once at Orion Lookout we set up for our CE-5 protocols. One of us was filming, one was meditating, and I was spotting with Celestron stargazing binoculars and a green laser.

As we began I was able to spot many stars, planets, planes and satellites as part of the process of really “looking” at what was above us-then the unexpected happened! There was a parade of 7 orbs/UFOs flying faster than satellites and as high as planes & helicopters from west over the mountains and disappearing to the east. The colors of the orbs were bright, but a defused soft green, diffused soft red, and defused soft lilac blue with the blue one being larger than the others. They gave us quite a show! We pointed our laser pointers and flashed them 3x’s and they flashed us back! This was the only time the orbs/UFOs flashed is when we flashed them first, otherwise they just glowed a solid color. The 2nd, 3ed, , & 4th ones formed a triangle configuration as they passed us! The crowd of around 100 people went wild with cheers, clapping, and jumping up and down. At this time I did feel a heart connection, thanking them and sending love to them. I was “gushing” with love and gratitude to them as this was such a great show they gave us! Sadly, my friend that was recording came up with just audio, however I did hear that a crew filming a documentary over on Melinda Leslie’s side got footage of all the activity so everyone else will just have to wait till that comes out. This was the most exciting thing ever! Not only are they here, they are friendly!

 To give more details about the orbs/UFo’s, they were large enough to be seen with the unaided eye, quite large actually and through the binoculars looked like an orb of soft diffused light with no corona around them. I would guess they were maybe 800’ up. The orbs/UFo’s were quiet, they glowed with one single light (unlike recreational and military drones that glow with 2 or more). The quality of the lights was a defused soft glow like that of a green illuminated “exit sign” and not the bright brassy glow of an LED, incandescent, or Christmas Tree lights, the type of glow was unlike anything I have ever seen in my research on military drones as my skeptical mind considered this possibility. I have high quality binoculars, I can see the moons of Jupiter and the craters on the moon with them-these orbs/UFos did not look like drones-I saw no structures connected to the glowing lights, the glowing light floated independent of any structure. Also, I’m going to guess (as I didn’t want to take my eyes off the action to glance at a watch) that the whole event lasted between 8 to 10 minutes.

I woke up the next morning “weepy” and signing the David Bowie lyrics over and over “Believing the strangest things, loving the alien.” I feel so overwhelmed with love that they made themselves seen and known to the people who were in attendance at Orion Lookout on Sat. June 4th, 2016. I can go the rest of my life w/o ever seeing another UFO, my life in complete! They cared enough to answer our invitation and say Hello, I am beyond flattered and completely humbled!

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  1. Carguy362

    Hi Kristie, Great Report!…you did not add your Map and nice Sketch. You asked me to add my version, so, I will,,,
    Namaste – Gary

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