November 3, 2016 CE-5 Personal Experience The Gift of “X-Ray Vision”

I was outside under the crystal-clear night sky “watering the dog” before we headed for bed.  I had a very long day and was tired, yet, as always, I wanted to stay outside and just gaze at the beauty directly above me.  The sky was very dark, save for a sliver of the moon and the bright, diamond-like stars.

In positioning, myself looking west, I searched for one of my favorites, Vega, and found that although it was one of the brightest stars out, there was no great place to view it from my vantage point in the yard.  Ours is a very old neighborhood, still inhabited by ancient trees that most of the year block a great deal of the sky with their leaves and branches.  I could make out Vega between the many (now leafless) branches of the grandmother oak tree directly across the street, as it was beginning to set below the viewable horizon.

I found that if I relaxed, and breathed very slowly and deeply, I could peer at Vega between two of the thousands of branches in my line of sight without them getting in the way or being affected by any jerky body movement.

Viewing Vega always puts me into a deep space of peace for some reason, and this evening was no exception.  The longer I peered at my star, the more relaxed I became.  I sent out a telepathic message to any ETI in the area that I would love to commune on this beautiful night.  I had been pondering over some new information I gained from my ET Teachers lately and was hoping for more (I’m a little greedy)!

I began to feel Kundalini energy rising powerfully through my spine, something that often occurs right before I make ET Contact.  Despite this powerful energy surge, my body felt completely at ease, almost as if I was asleep standing up.  My eyes, especially, were very relaxed, and I found myself gazing with more and more of my peripheral vision, seeing the energy field of the trees and night objects growing brighter and more defined.  The coolness of the night became warm, and I felt very much like I was being snuggled under a comfy blanket.

Suddenly, my vision shifted in the most bizarre way!  I was still seeing the energy fields but everything was in NEGATIVE view – as if I was looking at a photographic negative.  Once I got over my initial shock, I consciously slowed and deepened my breath even more, relaxing and trusting.  My sight shifted once again, this time to what I can only identify as X-Ray Vision.  I could literally see everything from the inside-out!  I still saw Vega in its place between the two branches, in regular vision, but everything else looked like an X-Ray photo.  Everything was in very stark contrast and not at all what it normally looks like.  I could see inside the tree branches, even those across the street. I could identify where there had been old breaks to the tree from wind or lightning strikes years before – not anything I could see in normal light or vision, as the tree had healed itself and grown over the broken areas.  But there they were in plain (X-Ray) view tonight.

Staying relaxed, I looked down at my left hand and arm.  I could distinctly see where the mends were now on my previously badly broken radius and ulna bones, something that had happened 47 years ago when I was 13 years old.  I could see some slight misplacement of the bones in my hand from surgery I had done on an injured thumb last year.  It was wild!

I looked back at Vega, through the branches of the tree.  Everything was still in stark, X-Ray contrast.  I “heard” a message, “This will be an addition to the new healing techniques we have been introducing to you recently.  More information to come in its right timing.”  My vision returned to normal as Vega slipped below the horizon and out of my view.

My heart was filled with love, and my consciousness expressed gratitude to my teachers and friends, for everything.  I can’t wait to see where this all leads!


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