November 26, 2016 CE-5 Morphed Cylinder and Red Orb Encounter

I originally had planned on my entire family joining me in this CE-5; however, it was the evening after our big “Thanksgiving” gathering and dinner.  By the time darkness fell and the stars began coming out, all the grandchildren (and their parents) were exhausted, so everyone left to go home to chill.  My husband wanted to go see a friend’s band play, so that left me and our Aussie Shepherd, Ripley, to enjoy the evening by ourselves.

I had prayed and meditated as much as possible on this very special day, for and with the Water Protectors at Standing Rock, ND, as requested by our CE-5 Guru, Kosta Makreas, in alignment with CE-5 friends Mark Sims and Danny Sheehan, who were participating at Standing Rock, along with the over 10,000 peaceful protestors and First Nations People at the camp.  I had involved my grandchildren in the day’s prayer and healing work, so the entire day was devoted to love, peace and gratitude, as well as healing the Earth and her inhabitants.

Ripley let me know she was long-overdue for our evening run, but I was still very full from dinner, and had just taken a 5-mile hike with the children, so I convinced her to settle for a long walk instead.  I performed my CE-5 Protocols before we took off, and, as usual, kept the tones and personal chants in my head as we took off into the dark.   As we walked around our neighborhood lake my gaze was nearly always on the sky.  Although we are in the city, once deep evening has fallen, I can usually get a really great view of the stars on a moonless night, as we have very little street lighting where I live.

Almost immediately I noticed how skittish and anxious-acting Ripley was.  She is usually in her element (as am I) when out on our wanderings so I found this very odd behavior.  It was a sign to me that something unusual was up.  I learned long ago that animals are very sensitive to energy, even more so than am I, so I pay attention when my dog acts differently than her norm.

There initially was an enormous amount of air traffic above and around us – way more than usual.  I always take note of this when I am out attempting Contact (which is nearly all the time when I am outside now), as I don’t want to confuse regular aircraft, or even satellites, with those possibly of our Star Friends.  Although there were a lot of regular aircraft overhead I also began to notice many, many “fast walker” shooting star and flash bulb occurrences, especially near and around one of my favorite siting spots in the sky, the Lyra and Cygnus constellation areas.

I kept transmitting my location, along with the highest feelings of welcoming love and gratitude, to ETIs as we walked, and I watched the sky show above.  I telepathically asked my Star Teachers to please, if it was within their scope of helpful vision, to reveal to as many humans as possible, their presence.  My objective in so doing was for there to be a mass awakening of mankind with this type of full disclosure, to finally put an end to the greed and corruption that has all but taken over our planet, thanks to the oil and big bank, military industrial complex’s hold on our global economy, etc.  I especially asked that they show themselves to the masses at and watching Standing Rock, so there would be no denying their existence in such an exciting moment.

I began feeling warm and cozy, although it was very chilly out.  I perceived a message, “We are here, and we are many.  All is well.”  Soon after, I caught two blinking lights out by Cygnus, definitely not aircraft (just white) or satellites.  They initially were parallel to each other, but at a 45-degree angle to the horizon.  Their blinking was mesmerizing, as it looked like they were communicating with each other – one would blink once or twice, then the other would respond with one, two or three blinks.

Ripley became very agitated and acted like she wanted to run away, even though this pair was very far away from us.  There was not a sound in the sky, and I noticed all the air traffic had disappeared.  I calmed the dog and we sat on a bench near the lake, just watching these two as their blinking conversation kept going.  After about 15 minutes, I noticed that the lights had been slowly repositioning themselves, still in parallel, but now were also parallel above the horizon.  They also had become a lot closer to each other.  I felt really warm again, even though I was sitting very still, performing my deep breathing to stay open and relaxed.  Gradually, I realized that the blinking had become synchronous and was now more of a pulsing form of light.  I also realized they had become a lot closer to us.  The quality of light shifted and it was then I saw that the two lights (craft) had come together and docked in some way, forming a long, cylindrical and singular form!  I transmitted my thanks and love.  Everything felt so beautiful.  And then, the new shape took off, straight west, almost faster than my eyes could register, and disappeared!

The world slowly came back to “normal” and I realized it was getting really late and cold out, so decided after a bit that I had probably had my encounter for the night.  It was time to head home.  Ripley, who had been completely calm and resting at my feet during this, suddenly became excited again, tugging at her leash like she does when it is time to run our regular training pace (she’s quite the relentless running coach).  I kept trying to slow her down but since it had become much colder out I decided to let loose and get up to speed so I could warm up and get home faster.

After a few minutes of this she suddenly sat down right in the middle of the road, and started whining like she does when she sees another dog that she wants to make friends with.  Her ears were pointing straight up and she was wagging her tail furiously!  I kept looking for a dog to come out of some bushes or something.  Instead, she looked straight up, her gaze frozen on a spot over a house to our right.  I looked where she was staring and at first saw nothing but the stars.  I felt very warm again, and I had that strange and powerful tingly feeling as a rush of Kundalini energy raced up my spine, which in the past few months has been a precursor to contact.  And then, slowly, a beautiful red orb began materializing in the spot in the sky where we were looking.  It became larger and brighter, the more I relaxed and sent love and gratitude.  At its largest, it was the size of a small marble held at arm’s length, and its red color was the most enchanting hue I’ve ever seen!

Of course, I pulled out my sky apps to make sure it wasn’t some satellite or man-made object, and it showed nothing – only the constellation of the Pleiades, with Orion rising below and to the left of the orb.  It, by the way, was just hovering, totally still, while I checked on things.  I discounted that it was any regular aircraft, as it was just a round, red light, with no other lights or sound, sitting completely still in the night sky.

I received the same comforting messages as before, which really gave me a huge sense of peace and joy.  I asked if the Beings inside the craft (or if it was a Being itself) would like to communicate physically.

Immediately, I received a positive “hit” telepathically, so I gave a simple task.  Please blink 3 times if you understand me.  Instantly, what had been a still, red orb, blinked decisively 3 times!  I got that it had a playful energy, like many of the craft I have encountered lately, so I asked it to move to the left so I would for sure know we were really communicating.  It blinked twice, then began very slowly moving to the left, just along the tree tops.  I asked it to stop, and it did.  It became even brighter still, and then moved even further to the left until we had to start walking again to not lose sight of it.  It was still moving very, very slowly, almost like I was watching something from a slow motion camera.  Two blocks (and about an hour) later, it stopped completely and hovered.  I asked if there was any message it had for me.

Suddenly, a bright, translucent sphere surrounded the red orb – it was about 4 times in diameter the size of the orb and very bright.  I took in a very deep breath and held it.  The sphere then morphed into a cone of light, with the tip of the cone descending from the bottom of the orb, and getting larger as the light reached toward the Earth.  The light was the same type of light I have been seeing that I have called the X-Ray Vision light.  Although I could still see the red orb clearly, within the scope of this large cone of light were what seemed like HUNDREDS of ET craft of all kinds!  It was like I was looking at overlay upon overlay of dimensional views of the same spot, ALL with Star Family and Teachers patrolling the skies.  It was truly spectacular!

And the message that came was the same:  “All is well.  We are many and we are here.  We are here to help you.  Please help us tell the world.”  In tears, I agreed, and I felt such love fill my own being, as if I was being given an infusion of helpful energy for the tasks ahead.  I sent my love and thanks.

The cone dissipated, the orb became smaller and smaller, and then shot off into the night sky higher than I could perceive.  The night turned chilly again and Ripley and gratefully made our way home.  Looks like I have my work cut out for me!


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  1. John Smith

    Great experience you had.I when having my contacts tear up very much.It is a very humbling connection to them.And really feel I am far from worthy to have my connection as it is.

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