Nope, it was Venus

I’m walking through Southampton town with my mantra on my headphones and my lips and I see loads of wonderful people. I look up at one point while walking to the coffee shop and there’s this really bright thing! Wow, I think in my high vibration state, this must be one of them UFOs I’ve been hearing about! There’s Dr. Joseph Burkes and Grant Cameron on EPIC Voyages in my ears too and everything’s all exciting, I do what I can to tell my new friends about Southampton and then ask to gaze within. And lo and behold, shimmering light and beautiful spiky light beings and this big beautiful central object where I put all my contact data. Wonderful, I think, I’m bilocating!

But then I’m told I have to go back as soon as more of me is on the ship than at home so I have to leave. I connect with it again at the next turning where it’s visible and they bless everyone I saw in the interim period and say I have to again. So, OK, I’ll go further.

Then the thought strikes me: I haven’t yet asked them a question which I have been advised to ask of high beings, which is ‘Are You Dreaming?’

This is the title of my friend Danial Love’s book, and I figure I’ll give it a shot next time I see this UFO. And wow, they say,this means you get to stay onboard because enough of you is in the dream world at home. And I feel like Southampton is radiating energy at this UFO and receiving high blessing back.

So my bus shows up after a while and I get onboard. And I’m still really running on good vibrations so I consolidate my spiritual keys and show them again to the UFO which I can’t see physically any more but is all around me. And always, this question.

Finally I get off the bus and sing ‘My Lord, I Will Be Thine Always’ as it hovers just above the Hop Inn, my local pub and bus stop. It doesn’t cross my mind that my first CE-5 expedition was in front of a pub! The Barge Inn, Wiltshire.

So now I’m walking home and by coincidence ‘O God Beautiful’ comes on so I must sing again and it comes to mind that while singing my Paramguru’s song I should follow my guru’s instruction to visualise white light coming down from the object to the top of my head and all the way down to the tips of my toes. It’s a form of hypnotherapy usually but here it serves to calm and relax me and ground the immense energy and white light being received. So upon finishing this wonderful song I walk home and Sirius and all of Orion are fully within my vision. And when I get home I sit on the sofa chair I’m in now with my parents and say that I saw something I could not explain. And that there was this celestial object of white light which kept changing its shape as I looked at it! I say, you can probably still see it outside now.


So we go outside and they’re stricken by how bright it is and I say, ‘I thought at one point it might be Venus… It did rise first’

And Tim, my mum’s partner, checks his phone and! Lo and behold, it is where Venus should be on his Skymap. Ah, but my Skymap has been calibrated funny before, I think, so I ask him to point his phone at Orion.

And so

Nope, it was actually Venus.

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