My first CE-5 and Telepathic Experience

Hello to all our beloved etletstalk members. After just a few months, I’m  delighted to have grown a sense of comfort with so many of our members here.

So ..I’d like to share two personal experiences related to the manifistations of my first CE-5 experience.

I appologize for its length, however, I felt it necessary to reflect the magical qualities of both related experiences and I do so with purity of heart.

Until I had watched a certain Bashar video regarding manifistation, I had no idea of how to manifest my desires.   Bashars explaination offered me the first instructional discription for creating a significant manifistation experience.
At the time I wanted more then anything to have an encounter with one of ET brothern or with one of their magnificent star ships. So…

After my awakening on Janurary 5th 2013, I spent the next week living on the internet learning as much as I could in relation to human spirituality, meditation and ET’s.  I decided to go outside and try meditation, which I did for several days yet, ..I was as green as they come!

On Janurary 21, 2013 at 1:30 in the afternoon, with my newly discovered knowledge, I went out in the back yard to meditate again, this time with true intensions based on my deepest emotions.

While sitting in the warmth of the winter sunshine, I focused my intention on contacting an ET or one of their Star Ships.  I requested to know the truth about the presence of off World beings and to please allow that truth to be shown to me. I repeated this thought by projecting the question with the highest frequency of heart, emotion and sincerity that I could manage for about 25 minutes ..maybe a little more.
While in a deep meditative state and without knowing why, I opened my eyes and noticed an airliner spraying chem-trails roughly 5 miles away towards the pacific ocean which was west of our home.  All of a sudden I noticed a small dark object just “pop” into my view just under the passing airliner. When I say “pop into view”, I mean that it just
materialized like magic under the jetliner and hovered motionless as the airliner continued moving northward. My only thought at that moment was that something had fallen off the jet ..but it just stayed there ..floating as the jet continued north.

At that distance, I couldn’t make out what it was or whether is was actually moving or not. Moments later, I could see that it was in fact moving east directly towards me. At first it looked like a metal ball because it was low in the sky, however, as it continue moving closer, ..things began to get exciting when at roughly two miles away, I saw it make a course change moving slightly to the south. As it did so, the Suns light reflect off the side of the craft and I saw it clearly for the first time.
It was a cylindrical ET craft and it was coming straight for me at around 2500 ft high, slowly and completely silent. A few seconds later it changed
direction and began heading directly towards me again. My thought was that it did so with the intension of allowing me to see its shape.

I live in the mountains of Northern California so my home is around 1800 ft. high so, ..I had guessed that the craft was around 500 feet above me.

When it was approximatly one mile away I got real excited so I stood up, turned and stepped up onto the deck to go into the house to grab my binoculars.  I looked back at the craft just before stepping into the kitchen and it was now very close and still moving over the treeline that extends off our property.

As I stepped throught the kitchen doorway to reach for the binoculars, all of a sudden I felt a dull energy surge through my body followed by my vision going dark.  The only thing I could see were dozens of white balls with long trails extending off of them, randomly moving across my darkened vision. Dispite my limited visibility, I moved myself back out the door and took several steps onto the deck ..just as my vision began to clear.

I looked up to find the craft directly over my home hovering and slowly spinning end to end. I put the binoculars to my eyes and watched the ship and I could clearly see it, it was a dark silver, the color of unpolished titamium yet it was still highly reflective. The craft reflected the Sun light off of its surface twice with every revolution as it spun over the house.  There were no outside features on the craft at all. The ends were rounded without any features. It reminded me of a stainless steel milk tanker, maybe 30 to 40 feet long.

A few monents later,  ..just as quickly as it first appeared, it just disappeared like magic. I had a million things going through my mind and didn’t sleep well that night.  All I could think of was how to contact those on board to assertain who had responded to my request for a visit. 

Experience #2 Telepathic Contact:

The following day, Janurary 22 at 2:00 pm, I went out to meditate and again, I was very specific about my intention, repeatedly asking “Who was so interested in me that they would come to my request”.  After several minutes I was in a semi deep meditative state.  The Sun light penetrated my eye lids making everything appear red. Moments later a small fuzzy black spot developed in the center of the red glow of my vision. I concentrated on the dark spot as I had sensed that its was a doorway or a portal. The more I concentrated on it, the larger it grew until it seemed so close that I literally pushing myself through the portal. As I did so, I immediately received my first telepathic visualization.
What I saw was an unfocused color image of three Gray ET’s ..I snickered because they looked like happy children playing as they quickly moved around each
other. I was truely amazed but I maintained my focus.
Moments later that vision moved to my right and another image followed as it came into my view from my left.  It was a full color image ..but not 100%
focused. This time the image was of a young handsome greenish/ brownish Reptilian being in a blue uniform with a silver chevron on the left shoulder. I studied him in detail as I watched in amazement. He was moving slightly and was blinked his eyes. I recall thinking that I wanted to remember all the details of his features so that I could sketch him later.  I have posted that sketch and it can be seen in the CE-5 Images Gallery.  

Then moments later another image moved into my view from the left. I was given an extremely vivid (HD quality) color image of a beautiful humanoid female that overlayed the area of my vision where the two previous images once were. She was clearly an Angelic being, wearing a light colored vail so all I could see was her forehead, her beautiful eyes, her nose and upper lip as the lower portion of the vail covered her mouth. I could see that she had some kind of medallian on her forehead between her eyes as she slowly blinked her beautiful eyes.

I’m kind of embarrassed to say that although I didn’t feel any threat or fear from this experience, I guess I had some stress building inside that she could sense because the experience stopped quite abruptly.   I opened my eyes expecting to see the craft from the day before but it was nowhere to be seen.  I had concluded that the portal that I saw in my visions was exactly that …a portal,  just as the craft must have come through in order to materialize before me during the previous days visitation. 

Even today I’m still not sure if I went into another dimension or if the craft shift into our dimension to create this experience.

Anyway, I can’t tell you in words how blessed I feel to have had both of these experiences, however, I still wonder what their intentions were or why they came to my request but especially ..why did they scanned me.  I hope to have the answers to those questions some day in fact, thats why I’ve joined so many spiritual sites since then. 

I give Thanks to everyone on etletstalk for making me feel welcome to share these experiences and I’m very excited to attend our 2016 Mt. Shasta retreat where I hope to share some awesome experiences with all our attending members. 



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  1. Steve Boucher

    Thank you for sharing your experiences. They are quite intriguing.

  2. Michael_CE5Tyneside

    Can u provide the link to the Bashar video, please?
    Thank you so much for sharing

  3. Author

    Michael, I tried to find it but I wasn’t able to find it. It was the basic protocol where we use deep emotion to generate our intension while mediating. It seems basic to me now but at the time I didn’t have a clue about what I was doing and I was beyond amazed at the results. Now I use the same practice but I no longer need to meditate and I can actually feel the energy long before the ship is within my sight.

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