Murfreesboro,TN Feb/Mar 2016 – downloads

Carol and I were unable to do a CE5 on Saturday, February 6th. The

next Sunday at 8:30 pm Carol called me at home from her nursing home

and I picked up the phone. Usually I would have been to a movie on a

Sunday night. What follows is just another example that the scheduled

CE5 does NOT have to happen on the event night. Before or after seems

to suit ET just as well. Anyway, for the next 20 minutes over the

phone she described a live event she was watching from her nursing

home bed. There is a window in her room to the outside, but the field

of vision is very restricted. She saw four large balls of muted white

light in a cloud covered sky that went in a number of varied revolving

and criss-cross patterns. I felt ET was giving her a show and they had

timed it perfectly since I was home. Carol is not into the ballyhoo of

the ET/UFO issue, that they are “our space brothers gonna rescue us”,

etc. She supports me and we have done a number of guided meditations

together from her nursing home. In addition, I’ve noticed some

patterns in the evolution of my own relation to this issue over the

last few years. Back in 2008 or so I started really getting into UFO

sightings. I couldn’t afford a Greer CE5, but I had a number of

personal sightings, usually that came with a non-committal but loving

expression of support reaction from my wife or son who know I’m a

“believer” whilst they are not. Since then I’ve come out of the closet

as an experiencer which had begun from childhood. After joining

ETLetsTalk, I got involved with a local CE5 group for awhile. Then the

visual sightings got more numerous, more intense. My wife and I

started doing CE5’s from her nursing home over the last 1 1/2 years.

We did guided meditations even though she’s been bed-ridden. After

this encounter, things for Carol have begun to pick personally up for

her. She’s now able to sit in a wheelchair, scooting herself around

the nursing home. She is activly exploring a possible connection with

the native american medicine wheel and this sighting.


About a week after her sighting, I had a series of 3 downloads right

in succession, butta-boom, butta-bing. We did a March CE5 guided

meditation with really nothing to report. But then a few days later I

got another download as pretty as you please right upon awakening,

during the so-called hypnagogic state. You can begin to see for me the

recent evolution in regard to doing CE5’s: from sightings, to

meditation contact (remote viewing), to downloads.


Let me digress somewhat about downloads before getting into the ones I

recently received. What is a download? A “freebie” from the internet?

Upon further examination, several varied kinds of examples come to



* Researcher Grant Cameron at a Collin Andrews IUFOC lecture in

February 2012 got 3 downloads on consciousness, butta-boom,

butta-bing. He also describes interviewing rock singer and fellow

Canadian Burton Cummings who said he had an OBE during a concert and

came up with the song “American Woman”. Fellow Canadian Neil Young

talks of a “silver spaceship” in his song, After the Goldrush. Young

later claimed he was on drugs and didn’t know how that song came to

him. Grant has done some really fascinating research into musicians

who have a solid connection to the ET/UFO issue.


* English mathematician Andrew Wiles in a 1997 PBS documentary called

“The Theorem”, describes how working on the famous Theorem of Fermat,

which had been a childhood fascination for him since he was 10, after

7 years of really intense work and apparent success to the solution of

this theorem, had it all come crashing down. Shortly thereafter,

however, he had an inspiration come to him in a flash of reverie which

one can see in the video that choked him up rather dramatically. Right

away he saw the correct solution and went on to claim a successful



* In 1993 a CSETI team went over to England. They did a guided

meditation, imaging a triangle with three large circles at the apexes.

This was done

beforehand. It appeared the next day in a crop circle. viola! the

famous CSETI logo.


*Then, of course, there is the famous vision of Saul, or St. Paul, his

vision of Jesus on the road to Damascus.


*Back in the late 80’s my family and I did missionary work in El

Salvador. The first few months there I had days where streams of deja

vu would last for hours at a time.


Downloads can come in many flavors, not just ET/UFO experiences, but

also hunches, visions, Nikola Tesla’s visual concept ability, and

other so-called psychic events. I believe this touches on Danny

Sheehan’s 8th octave paradigm which he elucidates on his website at Advanced ET and angelics live “there”. That

also is our destiny. We are in the womb and we develop senses for the

next world, which is this world. In this world we develop virtues and

spiritual senses for the next world and higher worlds as well. For my

money, you can keep your reincarnation beliefs. These things we call

clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, etc., are signs, I

believe, of these next world senses. The current advent of ET upon and

around the Earth signals our need for change as individuals AND as a

collective. For me, I need to let go, to surrender the dross of this

world: judgment, impatience, selfishness, anger, resentment, etc., and

obtain virtues: kindness, patience, forgiveness, etc.; to turn

character defects into character assets.


We follow things like the story of computer hacker Gary McKinnon in

the UK finding unregistered ships of a possible human space fleet,

like the USS Curtis Lemay, as well as so-called black ops super

soldiers a la Bourne Identity, possible parts of a “breakaway

civilization” espoused by researcher Richard Dolan. To the Trumpsters

and banksters, I say, your day is over, your time is up! We won’t need

to defend the earth from evil ET. Evil and higher consciousness is an

oxymoron, like military and intelligence, to quote comedian George

Carlin. Like oil and water, they just don’t mix.


My intuition tells me that those space cadets who form the US Space

Command going into space with human made UFOs, have changes going on

in their vibes, in their c-word, consciousness. That’s why remote

viewers without a solid spiritual grounding have gone mad. So the

black ops crowd is laying the foundation for the real New World Order,

not the phoney baloney New and Improved World Order of the Trumpsters

and the banksters and so on. Note that Dr. Greer reported that the old

MJ-12 is now referred to as PI-40, and that of the 200-300 uber, uber

elite, only about 30% of these folks in 2001 were pro-disclosure. As

of 2015 that figure is about 70%. So, there is a lot going on in the

skies, on the ground, but most especially, in our hearts and minds.

It’s a wonderful time to be alive.


So, here are the 3 downloads I got butta-boom, butta-bing back in

February. 1) On board a spacecraft they, ET, create and move around in

their hyperspace bubble. If one were to shoot a weapon it would only

“stay” and ricochet in the ship, thus causing its own destruction. 2)

Gary McKinnon and the USS Curtis Lemay – he was able to find out and

publish this item whilst ET guided and watched over him, like a

tag-along little brother. 3) US space crews aboard a spaceship like

the USS Curtis Lemay have a very, shall we say, obedient, robotic

streak. But when one goes into space and has to deal with folks who

are at a much higher level of consciousness from different worlds,

different dimensions even, it’s like when Malcolm X went to Mecca and

imbibed the universal spirit of Islam. The blinders of his rigid,

militaritic Nation of Islam belief came off and he was challenged to

the core of his being. He broke bread with blonde, blue-eyed “white

devils”. Talk about a turnaround.


my recent d/l re near future – harmony, telepathy=coin of realm,

introduction e.t. visitors will be normal, natural thing; earth will

have mutual earth/e.t. interface so as not to overwhelm us and protect



Finally, here is the download I got after the March CE5 event. One

morning shortly thereafter I started waking up and found myself in the

hypnagogic state. Then, wham, butta-boom, butta-bing. I find myself

somewhere on the Earth, maybe about 20 years into the future. The

Earth has gone through a series of severe upheavals. Of what kind, I

wasn’t shown. However, the Earth was restored in calm, harmony,

serenity, peace. No wars anywhere. The people on Earth are very busy

repairing and restoring the Earth. Our ET relatives have been visiting

us now on a regular basis for some time, lending a helping hand, but

mankind is doing the heavy lifting, the really heavy lifting. People

are going about their business. I was particularly struck by our young

people. They intermingled and showed forth the greatest affection to

all, no matter what background. No prejudice. No fear. No hatred. And

that also with our ET relatives. There were missions that went back

and forth between Earth and the nearby planets and ET space stations.

But what was even more amazing was how our young people interacted

with ET. Telepathy is the coin of this realm. And these kids and young

people did it with such ease and finesse, like having learned a second

language like young folks can and do. But these young folks and

selected elders are trained to go on these missions. There’s no casual

touristy, DisneyWorld attraction. It’s serious business. ET

communities mix it up here with folks on Earth. But for us to journey

to their turf we have to develop, shall we say, some cosmic manners

and behaviors. Again, I was so impressed with the, pardon the pun,

down to earth nature of the whole scenario.


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