Murfreesboro, TN – last half 2015


I’ll try to get caught up. August, September and October were sort of distracted CE5’s for me, like somehow I was stuck, that it was hard for me to get focused. Several times I felt like I started to go above the earth but fell back. I don’t know why. In one CE5 I saw USO bases around Catalina Island channel where large USOs out to sea were sending in scout USO craft in and out of these bases under the water in and around the island. In November I was by myself. In getting into my CE5 mode, I saw several large hollowed out terraformed caverns under the earth, each with a large assembly of ETs gently, mutually bowing me to them, them to me.

In December Carol and I did a CE5 where I saw large network of golden thread, a matrix connecting all CE5’s worldwide.It started as a blue light coming from the solar plexus then me in my astral body moving on up into space.  As I rose up skyward, I came by the spaceship of my ET familiar, whom I call Slick. I asked his permission to come aboard to which he readily assented. We came right away to the Sun and stopped all of a sudden. We then dove into and entered the Sun like it was some kind of portal, not unlike the interstellar subway portrayed in the movie Cosmos. We popped out of the star, which we then turned back to face. He telepathically said to me, Aldeberan. We hovered a little bit, then, whoosh, back into the star, popping out of another star. Turning back to face the star, he again telepathically said, Betelguese. We hovered briefly and then, whoosh into the star. We popped out again. Telepathically he spoke, Aldeberan. Hovering for a little bit, we dove into the star and popped out again. This time we faced our Sun. He briefly smiled, telepathically telling me this is how they (his people?) travel between the stars, using the stars as black hole portals. Ok, I guess.

Anyway, we came back to earth. Leaving his ship I somehow etherically merged into the matix of golden thread but with a distinct blue colored light energy which merged and blended with the golden light of the worldwide CE5 matrix. After all the light had gone all around the world into our CE5 network, I slowly reentered my body.

Since then, all of a sudden things seem to be picking up in Nashville and CE5 activity. We’ll see.

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    In the September session, it was very brief, with but 3 questions that had been weighing on my heart and which “they” suggested I answer for myself. The questions came through Carol by “them”.

    1. Where are you?

    We’re on the ground, like the friends in Italy were with the WS54 group; in the sky; invisible.

    2. What do I need to do?

    Use caution, discretion, wisdom, patience, detachment; surrender fear, expectations; pray and meditate.

    3. What do I need to know?

    ET is all over the earth; abide by God’s will, not my will, align mine with His: Service must come first, not I-me-mine.

    This was all very comforting, like a little child being reassured by a loving parent or older sibling.

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