Astral like earth image I saw

Murfreesboro, TN – January 9,2016

Carol and I had an interesting CE5 at her nursing home. We focused in on our chakras, beginning with the solar plexus. I saw a royal, translucent purple light. We sent a ball of light down to the center of the earth, then back up through the body chakras. Then went in our astral bodies above the earth. We both saw a golden orange light throughout the horizon, throughout space. I looked down upon the earth from maybe a few thousand miles above. I saw the earth bathed in kind of a green astral light like you see on the chromographs taken of the sun. The earth was slowly rotating, like I was watching it in real time. I was impressed by the solidity and power of our sacred mother, truly a living being. I was aware that just as the earth rotates, it’s all part of God’s plan. ET’s are part of God’s plan. We then came back into our bodies, back down to the center of mother earth, then back up again to our solar plexus. That ended the session.

I came away with the feeling that everything is going just the way it’s supposed to, despite any personal chafing I have about the condition of the world or its peoples, or when will ET’s get here, etc. It’s all part of God’s plan, God’s grand design.

Carol came away with this notion without judging anybody or anything. She sensed that a substantial portion of our CE5 community seem to be giving or have given up about the current status of the foul things happening on earth and its peoples, hoping against hope that ET will come down to do the heavy lifting. But really, that’s our job.

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  1. Author

    Instead of this orange glow photo of the sun, I saw an image of a light green colored glow surrounding mother earth. That was what I saw. This image comes kind of close to what I saw.

  2. Wendy

    Namaste from Stewart County TN Thank you for sharing your beautiful experience

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