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Live Hangout


We had a few visitors just before the hangout, a couple of zoomies and 1 or 2 flashing lights, hard to tell if it was the same moving back and forth, just above the roof on the building next to us.

Guest is usual hangout regular Oliver.

Subject: “FEAR” We did an improvised guided peace meditation visualization from 40 – 50 minutes in or so, in light of the tragedy in Paris. Next time we will be back to CE-5 contact meditation.

More info about what we discuss:

Morfogenetic space

global consciousness Project

Peace meditation
Can group meditation bring World Peace
Quantum Physicist, John Hagelin explains

Dr John Hagelin Higher Consciousness (Stanford University)


ETLetsTalk ET/UFO Contact Retreats - 2017


ETLetsTalk Announces 2017 ET Contact Retreats - More Info >>

About Thomas Frederik

My name is Thomas, and I am just an ordinary 47 year old guy, with a few UFO sightings and contact experiences of my own, and I have also been doing CE-5 actively for more than 3 years now. I also have a blog in danish, and with that, I have also made a monthly Google+ Hangout, where we can talk about CE-5 and related ETI/UFO topics. Peace & Light


  1. Julio M. Barriere

    The usual subjects that has been following around the globe for years. Scatter UFOs with triangular motherships. I spoke a little bit to this star fleet that I am concern about the future of this planet and if the annunaki come back to wipe us out because they need gold that their world is in trouble. I don’t have anyone coming on to me on earth asking me if they too wants to become a ambassador. I’m presuming everyone must be well off with themselves and must have they own star people that they are in contact with in case of so much terrorism and possible nuclear war on our planet. I don’t know why since I have this star fleet that I even convince the celebrities of the history channel of ancient aliens that I can’t get together with other contactees to have their star people contacted so that we can tell them we all want to have a world’s disclosure already for more world peace and for all of us to seek the truth together and also that we are not alone in the universe or universes. I don’t want to leave out all our star people that are benevolent and are here for us. Anyone can see this star fleet that follows me around the world. I have introduce this star fleet that I have heard that celebrities were talking about me that I travel around the world and hovering UFOs appear. God bless you all and may God bless those people in Paris and all the areas of conflicting wars around our world. The CIA according from the information from Edward Snowden will destroy our world with other satellite groups of secret service from countries like Israel that manipulate these wars and terror in our world. I Vladimir Putin might be trying to prevent the United States from destroying the world. But I still don’t trust Vladimir Putin because he was the head of the KGB years ago. And the KGB is as bad as the CIA. I’m sorry that I wrote politics on this page but we are going to lose our world from I very much believe tall whites, reptilian, greys ect. So I am concern because I have this I call a empire because theirs UFOs scatter from horizon to horizon with triangular motherships everywhere that I travel. I live in a very trouble world that we all know theirs no future with constant terrorism and wars. I really want disclosure for our world and I need all contactees before our world is blown up. Thanks for reading my story now Kosta you are probably going to reprimand me to not talk politics on this page. When you were suppose to have been at the UFO conference last Labor Day 2014 in Toronto. All the speakers and guests witness for three nights the hovering UFOs that follow me around the world. I’m sorry that you didn’t get to experience that star fleet.

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