Little CE5 in a living room

The 30th was a party at the Exeter Student house I was staying in and after that they inflated their little mattress for me in the middle of their living room floor and let me sleep there. It was really cosy and I got to light some candles in a golden lamp with nice little holes in

So then I watched some videos of UFOs and thought about all my friends, especially my friend Peace who wasn’t there this week and also a few people who I’d seen who mentioned contact

And then after a bit of music I sat and meditated and felt my special connection with Kosta and the CE5 community and especially ETletstalk and everything changed! I really saw them right in front of my eyes glowing and so happy that I was back and that I was finally here with you doing the CE5 and in bliss finally experiencing the moment that I had received so many emails about!

I remembered my guru Jamie Bazil and what was going on in Bristol and all around the world because of the special occasion and all the work we’d all put in. And what a reward! It’s hard to describe the feeling but it felt like the whole team was there with me and everyone was together for that one thing to happen and let it happen properly and since then I’ve just been so enthused with the imperative to remain in contact and deep gratitude for the possibility of always being contacted.

Thank you so much, all of you, for helping to make this happen! I love you. I never want this to stop!

Hugs and kisses



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