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June 4th, Colorado

I live near Paonia, Colorado. Paonia is on the front edge of the Elk Mountain Range. I had located a new CE5 site in Gunnison National Forest a few weeks prior to June 4th. It is over 6,000 feet up, sits on the edge of a drop-off, and looks across a valley to the still snow-capped Elk Mountains. A very cool view. No houses or lights within a mile and a big sky.

On June 4th, I arrived around 9:15 and performed what was a pretty pitiful CE-5 ceremony. (I do the best that I can.) The ETs knew that I would be there, because I tell them my intention during the days prior to a CE5.

I laid down in the back of the truck around 9:30 and was looking up and out to the east. Almost immediately, objects started flying by on a north-south line. They arrived every ten minutes or so and were flying in both directions. They looked like satellites but did not show up on my tablet’s app or on the “Heaven‘s Above” list. I thought maybe I wasn’t using the app right, or that maybe the app was wrong, but it was displaying satellites in other areas. I found it a bit hard to believe that all of these objects were ETVs.

An hour into the watch, there was a streak of light which I knew was one of my ET friends flying by in a very small craft. This happened a bit to the north and I was still looking in that direction when there was a large flash which contained what seemed to be a dark object within it. This was much much closer to the ground and larger than the streaks. A few minutes after this flash, three more streaks flew over, which is typical. It is as if the ETs are claiming responsibility for the appearance which just occurred. I was very happy and satisfied with this demonstration.

The objects flying at high altitude continued going by, keeping me very busy as I tried to locate them on my app. Suddenly, at 11:20, I felt a huge emptiness and quiet, and I knew that the ETs had left. I decided to stay to see if any more objects flew over. If these were satellites, then surely they would continue to fly by in this same pattern. No more of these objects went over in the next 35 minutes.

For days after June 4th, I looked at satellite charts and information about satellites, trying to figure out a conventional explanation for these objects at high altitude. I have a background in ufology, so I tend to question what I see. It became apparent that the answer would come only when I attempted to meditate and ask the ETs to provide a sign indicating that these objects really were ETVs. I am not good at mediating (I have been given a natural ability to “access” the Cosmic Consciousness), so I was a bit surprised when an ET rang my doorbell four hours later. They had not done this in months, but in the past they had done it on a regular basis. (How I determined that these are ETs ringing the bell is a long story.) I am forced to conclude that these objects flying over on June 4th really were ETVs.

I would like to find others in this area who might like to share in the CE5 experience. Contact me at if you are interested.

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  1. Yahyelstarseed

    hi Jennifer, I live in CO myself Manitou.. Thank you for sharing.. very uplifting and confirms to all of us of ET. love your protocals

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