June 25 Costa Rica CE-5

On Saturday 25th my friend and I went to Irazu Volcano National Park, Prusia sector.  Irazu Volcano National Park has two sectors: Craters and Prusia. Prusia is a big deep forest in high mountain. Craters are 38 mins drive from Sector Prusia. I chose this Location because Irazu volcano and surroundings has had history of ETV contact. There is video and Pictures showing some of the contact events they can be found just by googling.

My friend is very skeptical about the idea of ET civilizations already making there way here, as I was as well, so I took him with me to show him what I’ve learned of CE-5 contact protocols and the importance of meditation. Also one of the main purposes of CE-5. To be Ambassadors of humanity to those civilizations already caring for our planet and our future.

In the afternoon we set for walking and meditating with the intend of connecting with the forest and build up cohesion to become one with it as a doorway to the unboundness. Forest embraced us and gave us peace. I completed the best I could the CE-5 protocols (I’m still learning) just before evening.

At evening we started looking to the sky and began scanning all known stars, planets and constellations at view from our location. Around 7:30 pm from our location we detected towards west of The Crux constellation an anomalous movement I’ve never seen. object moved making first an S movement and finished a second one making almost a complete 8 and then just vanished. I have never heard of this type of movement, if somebody else has seen this flight pattern before please share. Light coming from it was dim but enough for us to see it since we were in complete blackness.

Half an hour later and object appeared this time north-est below Mars light. It just suddenly pop up and flew in a straight line. Object appears to slow velocity, at least it was my perception, and made two small but clear flashes of light. It continued. The light intensity from it was different from the rest of stars. I guess it could have been a satellite. Flashes of light could have been reflections.

I still don’t have all equipment necessary to establish proper contact or record it. Regardless I’ll report what I can how I can but Its my intention to be able to show whatever proof I can gather instead of just my words.


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I've been following Dr. Greer's work and campaigns for several months now. I've tried CE-5 alone and I have been opened to a new world view. I would really like to share this incredible experience with others who are in a similar path.

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