July 30 2016 Ashland City TN Report

Dina and I (Tony) meditated along with a guided meditation by Dr. Greer. A partly cloudy sky to the far west and a faint haze from upper level clouds allowed a good view of the heavens, including Jupiter to the West and a handful of bright stars to the east.

A few jets crossed in different directions during the next hour. I asked for a visible sign from the ETs, if safe, which Dina could also see and which we could share with our fellow-contactees.

A minute later I noticed a speck of white, clearly a satellite, traveling fairly slowly southerly to northerly along the zenith. A faint white object trailing the satellite then appeared which, after several seconds, grew in brightness to match the brightest objects in the sky and gradually faded. Dina and I acknowledged this “greeting” from the ETs and waved to them, thanking them out loud for saying hello. While we watched, the ET craft brightened once again, still slowly trailing the satellite, and then winked out.

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