Journal – Unusual Ideas I have been writing about a few years.

I have been saying to myself and to whom would listen, “if I were to meet an alien, I would ask not only where they come from, but also on how they travel this vast distance from where they came from. In other words, I’ve always this curiosity in how their technology works, i.e, how they fly, make sudden turns, stops, take offs, etc.

Recently, in the last few years, I have been getting flashes of ideas on how their technology works. These would come usually in the middle of the night. My experience is that I feel like these thoughts that come to my head are not of my own. They seem to be out of my understanding of the laws of nature, and our mathematics contain flaws in our interpretation of the universe.

One thing I will share in this report in which I got the help from our star visitors is that the universe doesn’t contain one zero or infinity. This is one of our flaws in our mathematics. If any of you have been studying personal development, quantum physics, and the mind, then one would ask what are these thought particles and what is consciences. Another idea is that gravitons are actually thought particles, and it takes three to make a complete unit of space. One serves as a reference zero, the other two serve as positive and negative numbers. Hence, make up a number line within that space. Moreover, individual atoms on the periodic table have their own spaces containing positive, negative, and neutral particles serving to make up their spaces. A complete space also serve as our conscience awareness. In a nutshell, neutral particles serve as reference zeros, positive and negative charges serves as positive and negative numbers within that space that makes up the atom. There’s more I have written in what gives particles their charges and masses. Also, I have written in why only magnetic dipoles can be observed, not magnetic monopoles, yet they exist in a partial space. Our brains are wired to see complete space units, yet we can sense these magnetic monopoles through our sixth sense. That’s where the expression, ones either magnetically attracted to one another or repelled.

I would say a civilization that is a million years ahead of us, don’t use equations to build their spaceships. They have master their minds to do all the calculations in which immediately tells their hands and feet to build their ship like a robot with a flawless computer program builds cars. Think about all the calculations our minds do to keep the overall organism to operate in harmony in which is beyond the comprehension of the smartest human mathematician on earth.


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    Thanks for sharing, you got some good observations. Peace & Light

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