I was told I was a shaman

So I was in the living room of my friends in Exeter UK and someone was told I was a shaman as they walked past so I was extra bold in my singing of devotional mantras and then the next day which was today, Wednesday, I made contact in the lecture hall where my friend was talking about the Zapatistas. I had told everyone in my contact network where in the university this was to be held and this friend had just watched part of a video with Sixto Paz Wells in it and so I felt emboldened to chant ‘Rahma, Rahma’ under my breath all the way through and the lecture made so much sense and all my contact network was there with me and the society was abuzz with the energy of contact for the rest of the evening as we traded language about what we had learned and where to learn more. Everyone was really happy with the talk too! I had related the story of Hanuman and his devotion to Rahma to this friend (his name is Owen) and we had made for odd compatriots in the last few days but ultimately I’m really glad theyre letting me crash in their living room making contact and generally being blissfully holy.


Thank you all for supporting me and each other! I love you. May this journey last forever!


And keep the lasange flying over Washington DC



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