I am a new member

i am a new member working my way around this wonderful group 😃just wanting to say hello to all 😀looking forward to  sharing learning and experiencing with you 😀 thank you Kosta for introducing to me to your creation 💛💛💛 much love to you 💛

ETLetsTalk ET/UFO Contact Retreats - 2017


ETLetsTalk Announces 2017 ET Contact Retreats - More Info >>

About Brenda

i am a person who has had a number of experiences enjoy and love my contact with u f o s and ets which i give many thanks for ,,i am grateful to kosta for showing me the way to his creation so much love and devotion and dedication ,,looking forward to learning and experiencing with all who are here in this wonderful loving group ⭐️⭐️⭐️


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