Meet Wackobytes | Santa Tecla, La Libertad, El Salvador

Hi and Welcome to any ETs to Santa Tecla, La Libertad, El Salvador

Flow Communication Global Forum for Peace and Love

I believe circulating the love is the essential part of CE5 be it alone or with other people.

I used to guide mantak chia´s chi word.energy.trips. I have had successful telepathic messages come to my mind and have conversations with them. I am looking for somebody who would want to team up with me with telepathic experience. Also i want to offer a land here in Santa Tecla, La Libertad, El Salvador for landing of UFOs. Embassy of peace The country is not in war, but the poor people is always stealing things so UFOs can definitely land in El Salvador. Everybody here no exception would be thrilled to have the honnor of welcoming the first ETs on Earth and talk to them about zero point gravity.


I will be making a petition for this, i think the more petitions like this we have online the better people all around the world can get informed. Who doesnt want to learn how to circulate the energy of love from the masculine energy channel from accupuncture to the femenine energy channel. Its called the microcosmic orbit meditation and it really gives a whole new dimension to be able to create Chi flow within your body. It reinforces your stamina and also could reinforce the area that your meditation is noticeable to near by ETs.

The Universe is huge, the possibilities of amplifying our reach all together in different parts of the world so that people can learn how to go from one magnetic center to the next one. I used to have many of his videos and do em every day, they felt great. But i must say that my body sometimes has reacted to this super energy in not very good ways so discipline is key.

If you read up to here that means you have been pretty amused by my proposal.

the microcosmic orbit meditation is well documented and not censored online like a lot of actually real things. so please consider looking into this technique. Its also good for health.

lets talk. my skype is carloslara7.

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  1. andrew

    hey dude, my wife and I spent 4 years down in el Salvador 1987-1991 in Sonsonate. let’s talk.

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