Gardnerville, NV, July 30, 2016

4 of us gathered to do an et contact event near Gardnerville, NV, July 30th, 2016. The potluck dinner was yummy. Marilyn showed us 2 sites. The one we picked was further away from the highway and fairgrounds. We still got a drive-by from a 4 wheeler early on, but it was ok. When it got dark enough, we played 1 of Dr. Greer’s meditations, and the moment he paused, we could hear a circle of coyotes talking to each other, probably about us. What we saw and experienced were not the coolest, clearest responses I’ve ever had, but it was still good and thrilling. I saw several flashbulb flashes, where parts of the landscape were suddenly and briefly lit up. I know heat lightning can do something similar, but these seemed more localized. Some of the flashes others saw. We saw 1 craft, whether et or manmade, traveling in a straight line north. It didn’t look like any plane I’ve ever seen, and it was much closer than a satellite. It flashed extremely bright white, and then disappeared entirely for a few seconds. Then it would flash again, a little further north. Ally had a cool app that identified with ease various stars and planets. Many planes and satellites, beautiful sky with the Milky Way.

Our contact event was preceded by a piece of sleight of hand and trickery. At one point I was sitting in the living room, scouring the internet on my Mac, looking for some et craft videos I posted a month ago. The others were chatting in the kitchen and then outside on the deck. I looked up and saw to my astonishment that one of my key rings was sitting on the coffee table all opened up and some of the keys laid out, while the other 2 rings were nowhere to be seen. There is no way I or the others did that. Someone I couldn’t see did it, and right in front of me, too, while I was concentrating on my Mac. I wish I could have seen it happen! It would have taken awhile to separate the rings, open up the one, etc. I put the one ring back together and found one of the other rings when the others came back. The ring with my work keys on it I couldn’t find. I was starting to feel a little panicked, but what came to me was that it was simple teasing, and soon the last key ring would be found. And yes, there it soon showed up, in a place I’m pretty sure I had already searched, but whatever! Very fun!

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