March 5th 2016…  Cley Hill Field Report
Three of us gathered for a 9pm meet. We climbed Cley Hill near Warminster, England and sat with the crop circle sounds using the app and settled ona bitterly cold night, flasks and hot water bottles at the ready. It was partially cloudy on arrival. We then followed the  meditation and as we came out of the meditation the skies had completely cleared and our view was panoramic. We were facing Orions belt which was sitting fairly low in the sky.  Karen noticed a star that seemed to be moving considerably on its  point and as we were observing thisas a big light flashed to the right of Orions belt. It happened quickly and we didnt get direct sight of it. After the second meditation Mark observed a second light flash that was fast moving and very bright which caused him a strong reaction of surprise. Karen and Joanna missed that. Towards the end of the watch at about 10 45 pm, Joanna noticed an orange light that had been stationary for the past hour and we all three observed it moving to the right for quite some time then it was gone. It was unclear whether there was cloud cover causing the disapearance . We decamped at 10 50pm and walked back down to the car, feeling upbeat and fresh even if rather over chilled. The visibility was good despite the street lights from Frome and Warminster so we plan to be there monthly. A stunning first night for the Frome/Rode CE-5 group.

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  1. Kastara Parasava, Ms.D.

    Whilst here on Planet Earth, a very high awareness individual from the Primary Council of Existence, taught the Universal Language, Eh k’entoo, which is based on and in the proper balance of vibration through and within the sound current, and is spoken on all other planets except here but it was a long, long time ago – karma is one world = Kah/life and mah/teach. It is on video at Let’s learn it and communicate with ETs. STAR

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