First Attempt

After spending a few months thinking it through over and over again I went out(outside my parents house near the woods) to attempt my own. Whether by sheer coincidence or a synchronicity I had received a handheld tranciever radio a year or so before as a gift and my roommate gave me his (very near)military grade laser, which I don’t think I would have needed but it let me write the Disclosure Project symbol in the sky.

After following the app on my itouch I opened my eyes very relaxed to the stars, which are difficult to see in New Jersey for the most part. My parents house is probably within 5 to 10 miles of a large military base, Miguire, JDL, something like that and Mr. Greer mentioned before about an ET getting shot on the tarmac on that airfield, so I premised very explicitely to be careful and added the very large base(from memory of a map) into the coherent thought.

I also want to premise this by saying I had not been aware there was a meteor shower and that it started late. So, I don’t know what it is I saw but it very well could have been a meteor. But these are my feelings as to why it also might not have been. It wasn’t like any shooting star I had ever seen before. I watched two more immediately after the initial, a bright blue white that left a smoke trail in the moonlight. The first one, which is the one in question, was a bright orange cone. Like I said though, it still could have just been a meteor. But it wasn’t like anything I had ever seen before, I didn’t notice a trail of smoke and it was moving a bit slow, the more I think about it.

It was my first attempt and despite my intentions I wasn’t quite sure how I would react. That is, would I get frightened. I don’t believe so anymore but either way, it was quite relaxing and quite a show.

I signed up to post this and get other opinions on it. And whether I was on the right track. The sound of the woods put me into a very relaxed state very quickly and a couple times during the meditation I felt a thrilling pulse that dropped me back into my body, it sorta felt, wondering if this means I was on the right track?

Unfortunately despite the nice ‘starter set’ I have for this I don’t have a good camera that will film in the dark. Neither my phone or itouch will provide much, but I also didn’t really get a chance to catch a shot either. Next time I will try to keep it handy.

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  1. John Smith

    I realize to many a photo or video of a event is really great.But for me personally the event of that moment.The thoughts and emotions going threw the body is the best.There is nothing better then being there regardless of a photo.I climb many mountains here in Montana where I live.You get to the top and can see for so many miles in every direction at the top.Even with a camera taking a panoramic view.that is nothing compared to being up there seeing it with your own eyes.I am happy for your experience.You lived it that night.Something some even with the love of this topic will never do.

  2. Author

    Hi John,
    I read your post and saw your photos. A very curious set you have there and a very curious story. I imagine you are not alone and your life experience is not unique, that is to say, other people on this planet very well may have been chosen for one reason or another.

    I can say honestly everything I wrote was true. It was either the closest, brightest, slowest cone-shaped orange and red things, that had no smoke trail, made no noise and vanished directly above the house I was seated beside meteor I’ve ever seen… or it was something else. Something that actually, or coincidentally, paid mind to my warning and suggestion. It came up from the south, stayed away from McGuire AFB.

    For me personally it wasn’t the sightning, or even apparently having asked them to show – it was my experience after, a day and several days later that are really the kicker. I really feel I was being invited out the next evening, to do another CE-5 and get friendly again. And I also feel like they were playing with me, checking me out – one of Dr. Greer’s witnesses, a former marine described a ‘moving sphere of static sound’. I experienced exactly this. Two nights in a row. It was like a little pocket of tv static that enveloped my head. When I moved away, it would move and it came in through the door… lol, I could hear it coming! That with my mattress rising and dropping, fingertips drumming across my head, it had turned into a very interesting and unusual set of events from sighting to… high strangeness…. just as Dr. Greer said, things are gonna likely get really weird if or when you make contact.

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