A small body of determined spirits fired by an
unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.”

Mahatma Gandhi


From Our
ETLT Members

  “Loved the Light Alliance presentation with G.A. Davidson. It has created a sea change in my heart and mind, dissolving any fear and strengthening clarity and strength. I am soooo very grateful to have heard such a profound, well-articulated statement of where we have been and where we are going. Thank you so much. Let your light shine!

  “I am thankful to have found such amazing group of people who invest time and efforts to achieve a higher level of consciousness and also, be eager to get in contact with other consciousness through time and space.”

   “Blessings and Love to you dear Kosta! Deep gratitude for All that you do and for BEing here on mother earth with us at this momentous time ~*~”

“Thank you all for your hard work.”

“Thank you Kosta for all you do to help keep us together within this wonderful shared intention :)

  “It’s my pleasure (to donate).  I believe in what you are doing and it’s the least that I can do to support it. I am grateful that I have been able to help…” (We are grateful, To You, as well!)

“Some snazzy Web site you have created! And, I am impressed! (being not too impressionable these days). Keep up the good work my friend… Our world needs you! Peace, Love, & Woodstock”

  “… I’m a fan of your work …”

  “I definitely feel better knowing you guys are out there and other people [are] teaming up. I think it’s so great and 100% correct. You guys are brilliant. I couldn’t think of anything else more intelligent then what you’ve done. People just keep coming. I love it.”

  “You guys are wonderful – a personal reply from each of you! Thank you for taking the time – we are delighted to be a part of such a great movement and look forward to networking with the rest of the community. :)”


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  1. LM

    Thank you Kosta et al. for the warm welcome to your community. And for adding me to the map!

  2. mothergodess0

    Hello all. I just signed up to be a member after watching the Sirius documentary thing. I find it very gratifying to know that there are so many people out there who see what has been in front of our faces throughout human history. My husband and I are interested in attending a CE-5, and we are wondering if there are any planed for southern California? if so, when would that be? Thank you all in advance for any help or info you are able to provide.

  3. Flyrishman

    Hello Kosta. I want to thank you for all the very important work you have been doing to bring the CE5 community together. I really enjoyed the first Light Alliance webinar. Are there plans to post the one from 9/19/2015, unfortunately I was not able to view the original webinar. Thank you, Flyrishman

  4. Kosta

    HI Flyrishman! Thanks for the kind words. Sadly, the recording of Gordon’s recent webinar failed – to our disappointment. Gordon is asking people to check out previous webinars and videos on his web site:

    My apologies about the failed recording. When technology works it is amazing, and when it doesn’t there is such frustration. This is one of those cases!

  5. Swanson

    Kosta…..Greetings! Tonight and last night I was fortunate to view a most wonderful series of flashes that moved across a part of the NE sky here in Nogales, AZ around 9:30 PM….the same times both nights…. I am usually out by my self, so there was no one with me to share this wonderful moment. On both nights I would catch a flash and acknowledge it with my laser light… The orb would start dim, get bright, back to dim….. a moment or two later it would flash like a flashbulb…. tonight I followed it across the sky with my green laser light….it flashed at least 15 to 20 times… just when I thought it had left… would flash again…. as I watched ….I could barely see what looked like a smaller object separate from the main orb….. I was very excited and talked to it excessively…. and asked, are there two of you?… Just then two bright flashes appeared…answering that question…. they had separated and moved apart, then both continued the dim, bright, dim flashes….about this time the flashes ceased…..finally, I thanked them for coming and they did not reappear. I stood there for the longest time, just so impressed!… I have seen this particular ET craft once before and also several occasions on You Tube. This one differed slightly from the usual flashbulb orbs by the way it would start out dim, get brighter, then dim again…. have you seen these before? … The reason I am inserting this sighting here, ….. I was so impressed from this encounter…….I wanted to share this experience, but didn’t think it fit the format for your CE5 report……. what you need is a CE5 Blog section where folks like myself can share their experiences or just asked inquisitive questions….. just a suggestion… I see a lot of anomalies that I am curious if others see the same…. sharing ideas and experiences… sure helps!!!! …. …Enjoy your day…..///Larry///

  6. Kosta

    Hey Larry! THANK YOU! That is an amazing – really classy and classic – report of contact. Who wouldn’t be excited and encouraged by the interactivity of it?? I see no problem with posting this as a CE-5 report on here, so go for it. You can also post it on my Facebook group, if you are active there. Just search for “CE-5 – – SIRIUS”. Please keep us posted as you continue this contact.

  7. Scott Mercer

    Do you think that the return of the X-files is foreshadowing a soon to be disclosure?

  8. Veronica

    I am new and also joined after watching Sirius. I am also very interested in crop circles as proof for ET contact. I am aware that some corporations have started advertising using crop patterns. But there are many very complicated and amazing formations which defy explanation. I would like to find a group in my area. I looked but didn’t see anything close by. I’m in Albuquerque, NM, USA

  9. BlueLight

    Hi folk, I live in Lancashire and have today registered as a member of ET Let’s Talk. I feel somewhat isolated in my local community when it comes to me wanting to discuss the existence of extraterrestrial life/contact/abduction/technology. I would welcome contact with anyone who wishes to exchange their views and personal experiences. All the best to you all.

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