I joined this group because I’d like to share my experiences with like minded people. Although there are several places to share sightings like this online, a good deal of places are not necessarily supportive. This is especially true when mentioning any psi or telepathic interaction that might accompany such sightings.

Which is why I’m posting this experience first.

I was camping with a friend of mine at the Washburn Campground in the Hearst San Simeon State Park north of Cambria, CA.

I had already captured a couple of sightings by then on video, one of which was a “sneak in”…where you don’t know anything strange has happened until viewing the actual video for the first time. This was a chance to experiment with that.

I was taking a look at the area and the view of the ocean from behind our campsite. I hadn’t really seen it as it had been overcast the first two days of our trip.

After wandering a bit, I turned back towards the camp and saw a bright, flat line of light in the sky moving in my direction.

At first I was eager to dismiss it as a plane, but as it got closer it was obviously something different. I raised my sunglasses up to get a clearer look, and as soon as I put them back on it disappeared.

That’s when I got the idea that I may be in the company of some visitors again, and that I better get my camera from the campsite right away to see if I could catch anything. Once again, I was remembering a former event where I unwittingly captured some UFOs on video. Perhaps I could repeat it.

I ran back up to the campsite, and grabbed the camera. My friend was fairly used to me speaking about sky phenomenon, so by the look on my face he could see that I was at it again. As I made my way down the pathway back to where I was, I said outloud something to the effect of…”Okay guys. If you would like to show yourselves, please be my guest…”

No lie. I said this. I have this on camera too.

Then I filmed a few panning shots of the area behind the campground, making sure to end of the small view of the ocean.

I took a few shots. I heard absolutely nothing, nor did I see anything while I was filming. It was purely an act of faith and experimentation to see if they would somehow “pop” in while I was filming…to perhaps be noticed later.

(Although I had heard of Steven Greer by then, I was not familiar with the specific CE-5 protocol. I basically used my specific intention to invite communication in the “highest good of all concerned”. I had also began a small animation project on ETs, and communicated the desire for inspiration and information if friendly “relatives” of ours were out there listening.)

Well, when I got the camera home and downloaded the videos, I found myself led to a specific clip and got the hint that I should follow the “bird” in the shot. I did so, and looking at the video in super slo-motion.

To my great surprise, the experiment worked…as in slightly less than four frames of video you can see an object “pop” in, split into two, and speed by. It happens SO fast that its difficult to see when its playing at full speed. After slowing the video down considerably, you can see the objects zip by. Definitely not birds or bugs as the objects appear from “behind” the very tall trees at least two hundred or so feet away.


UFOs over San Simeon – Cambria


UFOs over San Simeon – Cambria Before and After


Here is an unlisted link of the “before” and “after”…which includes me making the invitation outloud.

When posting and mentioning the communication aspect of this sighting on an online forum, I was accused of telling the story because I wanted to “make money” with it. My video plays no ads. I haven’t made any appearances on Jimmy Kimmel lately. I have no clue what he was talking about. That was one of the dumbest comments I ever read.

[Of course there were the, “these are only bugs” comments.]

Objects aren’t bugs

[This video demonstrates how the objects appear from “behind” the 150-200ft tall trees about 200 ft away.]


Human “psi” energy is much more potent than most can imagine.

Thanks for providing this space to share intelligently on this subject.

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  1. ETLT

    Hi! Great report! Sounds like the kind of experience many members have in our group. Didn’t see the links … You can edit your posts under Members >> Dashboard>> Posts if you need to add them, again!

  2. Author

    Thanks ETLT for taking a look. I was having a hard time getting the videos to embed at first… Nothing was showing. I think I’ve figured it out now!
    Here are the videos I spoke of. As I said before, I have the second as an unlisted link because I only show it to people who are at a level of understanding to get that this is in no way a hoax or magic trick.
    You can hear the giddiness and nervousness in my voice as I get that camera and I’m talking to my friend. As I head out, my heart was racing a mile a minute.
    In essence, this is exactly what shows like UFO Hunters and such were going for… A real-time encounter caught on film. I just don’t feel like the vast majority would believe that this even happened. lol
    So thanks for your patience, and please take a look at the videos. I have a third Ill post later that shows how fast those objects must have been going as they “pop” in from behind the trees. (May as well include the newly made vid on how these objects can’t be “bugs” seen from at least 200 feet away behind trees for good measure.
    Thanks again. Let me know what you think. And thanks again, Kosta, for providing this space to share some very, very intimate affairs.

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