Energy Vibrations in the Lower Body

It has been very cold here in Santa Fe lately, all the locals are commenting on how unusual it is, as often winters are mild. December 12 was exceptionally chilly, so I decided to do CE5 in the comfort and warmth of our attached studio, which has vaulted ceilings and a very large floor to ceiling window, about 15 or so feet tall and about 10 wide. South facing, so I had a nice, albeit restricted night sky view.
I started this time playing a large frame drum that I have along with a recording of the “Hu song”. Singing “hu” in a long drawn out repeating way is like a mantra in effect. It is the “love song to Creation/God”, and is used as a loving gesture of appreciation and love for the Creation within and without us. So I played this frame drum and also sang along with the recording (it’s a bunch of people singing hu in a continuous drone like manner). I kind of developed a harmony and rhythm with the voice and drum. It took me there, a meditative state.
Afterward I lay down propped up, and began my way of “vectoring” which is more like envisioning a funnel/tube of energy coming out of the top of my head (third eye area more like it), that curves out and up into space. I am hoping it’s like a beacon. No visual anomalies were detected for the next sky viewing. Then I felt I was drifting off a bit, but became more alert when I noticed rather suddenly a energy vibration (for lack of better terms) in my lower body, waist down, including legs. It didn’t alarm me though for some reason, and I was thinking since it wasn’t painful this was perhaps a form of communication or contact with some energy being that was there. I soon drifted off completely to sleep, awoke a little later and called it a night. Perhaps 1 hour or so total was spent in active Ce5.

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  1. Scott Mercer

    that is very exciting to me because I have had the same thing . I have ALS, I am almost paralyzed, so I can only do like you mentioned, from my bed. not knowing if I was doing any good, the only thing I could sense was the tingling sensation all over my body. So this gives me hope that I may be doing some good .

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