Due to extensive contact, I wrote Martian Love, Reflections from your Silver Ship

Sometime after the extensive contact I had with the aliens and their ships, I wrote (or channeled ) the following musical compositions.

They are posted on YouTube and iTunes. You can hear them for free.

Titles are: Martian Love, Reflections from your Silver Ship. Rocket Christmas.

Performed by my band Shanghai Lily Dublin.

I hope you enjoy them!


Martian Love – YouTube

Reflections from your Silver Ship – YouTube

Rocket Christmas – YouTube

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  1. andrew

    Were you in 9-to-5 mode (consciousness), or were you meditating, or what frame of mind were you in exactly when you had the f2f contact? You might find the recent work of veteran UFO researcher Grant Cameron interesting. He’s been doing a lot of research into higher consciousness and one aspect involves the “inspiration” received directly from ET sources to compose songs by a number of popular musical artists. Really mind-blowing stuff!!

  2. Jane Author

    Andrew, when I wrote the music I was always in a trance. from God at all times. However, when I had face to face contact, which happened twice, one time I was completely paralyzed. They told me they could paralyze our nuclear weapons the same way. Then they forced me to sleep instantly. The 2nd time, The alien was in a small gunpowder grey saucer outside of the window on the 3rd floor, emerging from the saucer was a full grown human looking man in a skin tight uniform. He had blond hair, blue eyes and was very tan. He passed right through security gates. I had been sleeping high up in a loft.
    he floated over to me, he never touched the floor. Took my hands and I was able to float above the floor as well. It sounds crazy but the state of consciousness I was in , was somewhere between awake and asleep. where nothing was completely solid, but it wasn’t a dream either. This man, (he said he was from Venus) he sent energy through his body into my heart and my head. I felt huge amounts of love when he did this. he was also able to read my mind. as I wondered if he was married. (I thought to myself) he told me telepathically he had someone where he came from but he didn’t use the word marriage. When the energy transfer stopped he lifted me higher and I floated back to where I was.
    I turned around and watched him float back through the security gates and into the small saucer. Which then skimmed out and away like a rock skimming on water. This entire experience seemed to happen in between 2 dimensions but no t completely in either one of them. This experience taught me that we can exist in between the dimentions. I don’t know for how long but it can be done. I kept a more detailed diary of all my experiences, too long to go into here. I wil check out Grant Cameron, thanks for recommending his work. During this time I was involved with Tim Beckley and Harry Lebelson who both wrote in magazines about close encounters. I suppose Grant has a website?

  3. Kaylah Marie

    Thank you for sharing your music! I find it great for meditation. Takes me to a better place. Hope to have more contact again, perhaps this will help to lead me there. They put us in the right place at the right time, always.

  4. Jane Author

    Hi Kaylah,
    Im happy that you like the music. I went back to pine bush on my birthday hoping to have another sighting, but it’s all so built up now there’s no privacy for alien spacecraft. But I do believe there will be a mass landing soon. As the world has gotten quite out of hand. We are part of a galaxy, and we keep forgetting, what we do to earth (nuclear) will affect them. We and them, are atomic creatures.

  5. Kaylah Marie

    Hi Jane! I hope you can find a place to make more contact. I lived “in the woods,” on top of a mountain, in Napanoch, NY, where the Lanape Indians lived centuries ago, and it is a place of unbelievable happenings. My last visit, 2007 my sister and I, two blondes, “outsmarted a UFO” that actually landed and morphed on the open lawn part of our property. In the 60’s the military came to our house, and asked to “look for something in the woods” on our property. I have had telepathic communication also, not only there but where I have moved, but respected when I ask for “some time out.” I plan to post some of these experiences here, as I believe it is helpful for us to share so we do not feel so alone in this, as others who have not experienced these things can not relate. I am looking forward to more open contact, we have gone way off into a wrong direction and need a good “nudge” to get back on track and out of the dark. Have you gotten communication indicating a mass landing, or that we are going to have more open communication soon? I have been told “these things that are to happen must take place in order for the world to be reclaimed.” I too think it will not be far off, and I am looking forward to it also. I had a wonderful experience in Florida, and then again in Branson, Missouri. Real, totally unbelievable, wonderful contact, leaving me a with a new “reality,” and a bit of wisdom that has taken me years to finally absorb and come to terms with it on my own.
    We are so fortunate to have had this contact, though it can be overwhelming. I am glad I found this site where others can share what we are going through and being so alone in it, though I have come to the conclusion maybe it is to be a personal journey for our personal soul growth as we move along in our development. Still working on what it all does mean, honored and humbled to be part of it. “Keep in the Light,” as I tell everyone. I too believe we are going to be part of a great awakening. Things are changing, you can feel it. It is time. Enjoy the ride!

  6. Jane Author

    Kaylah, I haven’t had any contact for a long time until this year. when a ufo almost crashed in front of me but then it didn’t. I think its starting up again because of what is happening to people here. Everyone seems to have lost all common sense and they know it. Nobody is really at the head of very powerful nations and we are spinning out of control. I always felt they would step in when the right moment arrived. I am available to them psychically and always have been. They know it and they see us as light forms from very far away. Our own personal lights will guide them to us when the time comes as we will be guided to converge with each other as well. I kept a complete diary of all my experiences and will be posting them soon. Your contact sounds amazing, be well. Ill be trying to make contact this Saturday night.

  7. Kaylah Marie

    Jane, I will be thinking of you Saturday night and hoping you make contact again. I have not had much activity for a time either, needing a rest and trying to “be normal.” But I have recently starting longing for communication as I have done before after a rest, and then things started opening up for me again. I have tried several times to journal all these things, but have never actually done it yet. One of my first experiences was totally overwhelming, and then I had so little to share with others, but now I have so much it is so complicated, that I could write another “Gone With the Wind”! Nobody can read volumes now, so short articles is the way to go to get it done one day. Your contact with the person from Venus is incredible! Years ago I believe I had a visit from someone from way beyond also. It was New Year’s Eve in Orlando, Florida. His skin was super white, almost translucent, (and silly me at the time thought he must be albino, but now I know it was not so, and he wore a black hat and black sunglasses…..inside the club at night! He was totally mesmerizing in some strange way, different than anyone I had ever met, but I didn’t really think why at the time. He said he was from Iceland, but now that I know what I know, I really believe “I danced with an alien” that night! I have thought of him often since then, like he is stuck in my mind, never saw him again, but can not forget him for some strange reason. I feel like I will see him again, am hoping I will run into him again somewhere someday. It would not surprise me. I hope Saturday will bring you what you are looking for and it is a wonderful experience. What do you want this experience to be? I usually start wanting to “move forward,” wanting to learn more, and ask….and something happens. Please let me know how it goes for you. I will be looking into the stars and asking for you too! I believe! Isn’t it wonderful!!?

  8. DebzShakti

    I love your music! Thank you so much for opening my heart this morning with your gifts!

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