Dec 12, 2015 Event

In preparation for December 12th CE-5 event. I began my nightly meditation on the 11th of December on or about 11 p.m. this included 30 minutes of guided meditation into astral awareness using 528 frequency. Calling openly to heavenly forces and positive energies to surround my area.

The last 30 minutes included a Reiki session. A clearing of 10/26 Reiki points.

On the morning of Dec 12th I awoke before sunrise, as customary, however, with an unusual never witnessed before, internal buzzing in my head, my ears did not hurt or feel affected. The buzzing low frequency was from within, it radiated or vibrated across my forehead connecting to my ears. Feeling of energy in motion within the brain.

The feeling was neither painful nor unbearable, it was just annoying so I performed Reiki, clearing points 1, 2 for quick relief, and went about my day. At or about noon of Dec 12 I tried logging onto the web from my laptop and found it odd after a few attempts, that my recently acquired modem, suddenly stopped working. Confirmed by Cox Cable.

Luckily my 5G was working and after reading the CE5 FB Group page, in particular a post from a member detailing his experiences. He too mentioned a buzzing sound and having trouble with appliances and technology afterwards. I too would also like to corroborate the account on my report.

-end report

This being my first report, I like to give some background: My first sighting was at the age of 13 and the second sighting at 26. I have not had one since then. However, I noticed after the sightings I became more intuitive, able to vibrate OBE during meditation, and dreamscape.

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