OCT 17, 2015 – Danny Sheehan – COSMIC HUMANITY

Over 3 hours of priceless time with Danny! It’s a great overall view of past events that have brought us forward to now, with a clear guide to next steps; and for everyone, a mind-expanding journey into post-disclosure reality and our role in helping it manifest.



The New Post-E.T.-Discovery Worldview of the Role of Our Human Species in The Universe

See below for 2 books, Danny mentioned, during his presentation, for members that want to know more about them and where to purchase.

Danny made a huge point about how important it was for us all to remember how we got involved in the middle-east; we found this article from Bill Moyers which echos what Danny speaks about on the interview [CLICK HERE]


DANNY SHEEHAN - The People's Advocate

Danny’s commitment to being of service to all, through The New Paradigm Insititute and ETLetsTalk, will be by providing interactive future webinars, talk radio pod-casts and other forms of enlightenment and engagement – WATCH THIS WEBSITE for details!

Danny’s off to Italy and a 10 day visit to Rome and the Vatican to work on next steps – we can’t wait to hear from him when he returns!!!


THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED IN OUR WEBINAR – sent in questions (sorry there wasn’t time to answer them all – 70+ were sent in, all together!!!) – and also those that provided feedback during the event and afterwards!

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BACK GROUNDER ON THE VATICAN’S Comments (since 2008) regarding ETs and UFOs

ET – Phone Rome!
Vatican: “It’s OK for Catholics to Believe in Aliens”


Click Image to Shop, online, where they can be purchased
(we aren’t compensated, for your purchase, in any way)


The Jesuits
February 15, 1988

In The Jesuits, Malachi Martin reveals for the first time the harrowing behind-the-scenes story of the “new” worldwide Society of Jesus. The leaders and the dupes; the blood and the pathos; the politics, the betrayals and the humiliations; the unheard-of alliances and compromises. The Jesuits tells a true story of today that is already changing the face of all our tomorrows




The People’s Advocate, the autobiography of American Constitutional Trial Attorney Daniel Sheehan, is now available through Danny’s website in their online store!  Sheehan traces his personal journey from his working-class roots through Harvard Law School and his initial career in private practice. His early disenchantment led to his return for further study at Harvard Divinity School, and rethinking the nature of his career. Eventually his role as President and Chief Trial Counselor for the famous Washington, DC-based Christic Institute would help define his role as America’s preeminent cause lawyer.


ETLetsTalk ET/UFO Contact Retreats - 2017


ETLetsTalk Announces 2017 ET Contact Retreats - More Info >>


  1. Author

    When I read the email of a live show with Daniel Sheehan I quickly registered as it was almost 1pm EST. Then I realize it was PST. So I waited and logged in at 3pm EST. Behind the scenes one of the 1st to log in and wait. Murphy is my Uncle and yes, his disruptive energy was apparent. Better late than never I was happy when the show went on.

    After listening to most of Daniel’s video’s I was hoping for more up to date information, as his past is easily found all over. It will be nice to have a monthly place to discuss our personal trial and tribulations. I studied, wrote and filed a Civil Rights lawsuit on behalf of violations to my Starseed race. It is stayed in Federal Court on Docket #55 right now.

  2. Author

    Dear GloLady:

    Hi and thanks for your comments on Danny’s webinar – you will want to REVISIT AND VIEW THE WHOLE VIDEO to be rewarded with current information and Danny’s comments on questions submitted to him. He had his own agenda in wanting to review some historic data points before he lead us through a very informative question answering period at for the last 45 minutes … give it another try.

  3. Author

    Check the members home page for the updates and more details – members home page – Fade to Black with Jimmy Church! (as of Nov 2015)

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