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Crestone Colorado October 1 – 3, 2016

Our group of 13 people met Saturday near Crestone, Colorado on October 1 and formed our circle shortly before dusk under mostly clear skies. We used a recorded meditation and a recorded Puja ceremony to prepare. During the course of the evening, the clouds thickened but portions of the night sky were visible. One or two flash bulbs were reported along with several meteors or streakers. The ISS passed overhead fairly early in the evening (a satellite tracking program was available on an iPad). One member reported receiving messages that our cosmic family was aware of and welcomed our presence, and we were regularly serenaded by groups of coyotes. There were also a few indications from a field sensor that activity was afoot. When the sky clouded over and scattered rain began, the event was concluded.

The second evening, Sunday, October 2, the group had 10 members. We began with a meditation and chanting inside the dome house where we were staying, because of its unique acoustic qualities. After dark we moved outside to our circle under mostly clear skies. The results were very similar to those from Saturday night, with some dazzling meteors/streakers being seen, and the coyote chorus again singing. Clouds began to move in and the group adjourned.

Some of this group continued on to Alamosa for the evening of October 3. Four people were present for a short CE5. Several people saw flash bulbs and others saw streakers or meteors.

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