Craft Pleiades .. 7 januari 2016

film YouTube press link Craft flying by

Craft near the Pleiades.

Footage I made last Friday 8 of januari doing solo CE-5 .

What it is (?), I can’t tell… I never will guess too.

This showed up asking for conformation

I had to sit outside without a doubt I did. Clothing warm it was below zero. Tripod and nightvision camera and my feelings towards Pleiades. No doubt just sensing.
But I want to tell something from the heart about this and how I look towards contact.

First, I just act on my intuition and feelings, nothing else.

I have more footage and lots of stories to share.
Now I will not easily share in the open like that anymore for some reason.
The people I know best they have seen it. We go back some time in sharing CE-5.

What I can tell you is, do NOT WANT it… just open yourself to it.
Do not ask too much, just feel… open your heart and invite the ET – Celestial with all your love… and just be.

We do not always have to see them, they can do things on every level of your being and even walk next to you and whisper into your mind.
They can stand next to you.. and you do not even see it. When your open to them you can sense it.

Making contact to these high civilization’s need some practice and follow some of the made protocols.
Important is to be coherent with all… to all around you and others. There are no borders no limits and certainly no hate nor discrimination.
If we discriminate, fear or hate we can never invite.

Do you know how ET look ?
What will you do if ET instant stands in front of you ??
Black or yellow, brown or what colour… Having a big nose or strange forehead or 6 arms and other eyes like us ?

They are much more advanced than we ever could imagine. They know by heart and never would do this to us.
In their knowledge ET know how we act and react.
We are still on the first step of a huge stair to go. But we are getting there if we collective gadder and with one mind and intent want the same.

You and me are part of the whole.
If you look into someone else’s eye… what do you think you see ?
What you see…. is yourself.
If you look up or down or look into the smallest thing… even that is part of you, this is what you are.

As long if we do not understand… and we all feel better than the other we need some things to learn.
Along the way we will…

We become teachers to others and so on.
Planting this needed healing seeds of peace oneness and universal balance will make it worthwhile. And if we can make that next step.. we grow till WE are the ET’s… for other civilization’s who want that change.
Its like a circle of many years, even lightyears.

About the phenomena.. that is not even where this is all about, it is not that important.
It’s about much more than making the contact what is out there.
Where it is all about, is what is happening inside of you..

We will never leave this planet in this beautiful Earth Suite we wear in my opinion, we need to use our consciousness and awareness and expand it.

I do not think ET will travel millions of lightyears to see us struggle here in fear and wanting. Especially the War-like minds.

They do not travel that far for UFO spotters who want an instant UFO in front of them.
No, it’s something much more than that.

They are touching us with their wisdom their love and Universal peace. They know we are here… Its not that we are contacting them, its that they are contacting us.
They are the teachers to us. Not the other way around.

If we get our antenna to the feeling where we feel to go look for they show up. And that is the conformation you get.
Like they say… “you understand you heard…”

We will be the ET’s of the future to other civilization’s and become teachers to them when we reach the end of the stairway and understand the universal laws. For what I learned out of it, CE-5 is a process of change. It’s a path you walk yourself and with others of awakening..

Gaia our Mother Earth is not just hanging there, she is our vessel we all may live on.
She is alive and so we can live…..

Namaste <3


Have a wonderful Global CE-5


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  1. Groundlocked

    Awesome post Linda. I think we have similar thoughts and experiences with contact.

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