Contact and Synchronicity

Hey ETLT community!

Very interesting encounter Feb 6…..

I’ve been in touch telepathically with “sun like” light beings from Polaris (so they told me in answer to my asking them) and Saturday afternoon was no exception. Fast forward to 11:45pm when I was making a salve for a friend in my bathroom. After completing the oil mixture I started to leave the room and was startled by the awareness of a large presence I was about to run into! I wasn’t afraid; just surprised and not sure what it was.  I put a string of sanskrit chanting on the computer in the next room and saw what time it was! Yikes! “Was that you guys?”, I thought out loud. Flash forward to the next night into monday morning: I’ve just come home from hanging with a friend and I had something to mail. I looked up and what a clear night! I asked again, “Was that you guys?” I noticed the dipper and Polaris above me and a white streak went right by it. Cool stuff! Jaya Jaya my Pals! Helene Schmidt, Ithaca, NY

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  1. andrew

    ET is always kewl. They leave like little bread crumbs along the trail and I say to myself as I pick up one after another, “Oh, yeah. It’s you guys again.” That brings a grin to my face, if not a downright smile.

  2. Author

    Thanks Andrew. That seems to be how it is. Slowly but surely.

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