CE-5 Sydney Skywatch Team 2017 February 4 Saturday at Wanda Beach, NSW, Australia

2017 February 4 Saturday ~2030-2215 at Wanda Beach, NSW


Leonard (author), Niki, Jack, Katie, Jake, Dennis, Anthony, Anna, Mike, Deano, Enza
This was a global CE-5 event.

Observed Phenomena

View the video report here:


  1. We settled in to our spot at about 2030. Sage was burned to cleanse any negative energies. Incense was burned. Relaxation music was played during this time.
  2. Each member shared who they were and their previous experiences.
  3. 15 minutes of silence during the meditation.
  4. Crop Circles and Mt. Shasta tones were played. All phenomena observed during this time. Green and blue laser pointers were used.
  5. At about 2215, we called it a night. Several members of the team gave a final word of thanks.

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