CE-5 Sydney Skywatch Team – 2016 November 26 Saturday Report

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2016 November 26 Saturday ~2020-2140 at Warrimoo, NSW


Leonard (author), Jack, Katie.
This was a global CE-5 event for and Prayer With Standing Rock.


  1. We settled in to our spot at about 2020. Sage was burned to cleanse any negative energies. Incense was burned. Relaxation music was played during this time. Sky was clear with a few clouds rolling in.
  2. Crop circle tones were played for 10 minutes. Sky was now overcast and only a few stars could be seen.
  3. Prayer With Standing Rock 3 minutes of silence.
  4. A recording of Dr. Greer performing a Puja was played.
  5. “Contacting E.T. Beings and a Meditation and Prayer for Earth” audio was played.
  6. More relaxation music and recordings from CSETI were played. Sky fully overcast.
  7. Called it a night.

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