CE-5 Sydney Skywatch Team – 2016 December 3 Saturday Report

2016 December 3 Saturday ~2000-2200 at Wanda Beach, NSW


Leonard (author), Niki, Jack, Katie, Jake, Sue, Nick, Dennis, Anthony
This was a global CE-5 event.

Observed Phenomena

Alleged satellites: 12 (looks like a star moving slowly across the sky)
Signalling satellites: 3 (alleged satellite that got brighter and dimmer as it passed overhead)
Alleged meteor: 3 (looks like a shooting star)
Star craft: 1 (looks like a star that gets very bright for about a second and then dematerializes)
Orb signalling with a blip/flash: 1 (in the same spot in the sky, 2 quick blips or flashes were seen, followed by a very bright orb for split second, followed by another quick blip)
Appearing craft/star: 1 (a “star” that isn’t there but suddenly “turns on”)


  1. We settled in to our spot at about 2000. Sage was burned to cleanse any negative energies. Incense was burned. Palo santo stick was burned. Relaxation music was played during this time.
  2. Crop circle tones were played. Nick brought his Bashar contact crystal and passed it around the group. Each team member talked a bit about themself and their background.
  3. At 2024 “Making Contact” field meditation (ET Contact Tool) was played.
  4. Meditation experiences were shared.
  5. Crop circle tones were played. All phenomena observed during this time. Green laser pointers were used.
  6. At about 2200, we called it a night.

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